Tesla and Crypto go hand in hand up in value

Tesla and Crypto go hand in hand up in value

The global pandemic has had a significant impact on every single industry in the world. It has challenged most of and now when everything seems to get back to ordinary life, it is still unknown how well we have dealt with this period. The uncertainty seems to continue, yet we all have set some new priorities for ourselves. 

While most of the things have lost value, some things have increased both in value and in interest. Due to the uncertainty and the unpredictable evolution of the pandemic, we all had our expectations, but have faced a completely different reality. 

Many experts and professionals considered the drastic fall of the stocks and some even thought that the second Great Depression is inevitable. This forecast could be justified by the fear of inflation and the rapid loss of interest in cash. Though, not everything evolved the way we thought. 

The cash indeed lost the value, yet the cryptocurrencies became the new heroes of the modern financial script. The Bitcoin and other cryptos have become extremely popular within the last period and have escalated in value. The value of the Bitcoin has recovered from the massive turn down since the beginning of the year. Many investors have invested in Bitcoin and many companies have adopted cryptocurrency as the primary payment option. 

A clear example can be Microstrategy Inc, which is the Nasdaq-listed company, that invested over $250 million in Bitcoin. According to the company’s representatives, the cryptos should be shaping the future of the industry and so far are the safest assets to invest in, as well as a dependable store of value. 

The increased interest in cryptocurrencies is also due to the fiat money printing by governments and central banks in many countries. This move can be considered as the sidestep to tackle the infection. The total year-to-date value of the Bitcoin has increased by more than 60% already. 

Bitcoin is not alone on the journey but is accompanied by Tesla, which is another object of affection by many. The interest in electric vehicles has skyrocketed this year, overcoming even such giants like Apple, with almost $2 trillion market cap. The Tesla stock prices have also shown a significant rise this year, with almost tripping the share price, from $402 to $1605. 

With the development of technologies and modernization of the vehicles, Tesla should soon gain even more popularity and interest. So far, it is one of the most eco-friendly and one of the most discussed cars in every country. While the discussions may be dubious overall, it only increases the interest towards the company. 

It has been officially announced that bitcoin and Tesla are the most searched stocks now, and people have shown increasing interest in purchasing the shares or at least closely observing the market flow. The giant companies seem to lack attention from the customers now, yet the new tendencies start to shape out. 

According to the data, Tesla and Bitcoin are the two assets that have been looked up the most often and received the most views within the past several months. 

One way or another, we all have some new main characters playing leading roles in the market now, and be it due to the pandemic or any other reason, it should be very interesting to watch out.

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