Stratus - The Future King of Social Media

Stratus - The Future King of Social Media

Facebook has since its launch in 2004, garnered over 2.8 billion monthly accounts. Other social media platforms are also doing great in the race, with some hitting the 1 billion user adoption mark.However, these platforms cannot achieve full potential because of the various security issues surrounding their use. Things are about to change with the unveiling of a new social media platform, Stratus.

Apollo fintech CEO Stephen Mccullah announced the release of Stratus, a comprehensive social networking platform. Most existing platforms inculcate social media censorship programs, even when dealing with legal content. Stratus is unique since it will only censor content dubbed as illegal, thus thriving in freedom of speech. 

Stratus privacy is incomparable to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube, meaning its the most secure platform. Aside from the communication and entertainment bit, Stratus has a high value on the financial world. 

Payments by Knox World Pay

The stratus ecosystem will introduce a new crypto transfer platform, dubbed Knox world pay. The program will be a replacement for bitcoins global lighting network. Now, this feature is vital, especially in driving the world to faster crypto adoption. That is because the platform will give users the opportunity of sending BTC via SMS within 2 seconds. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of BTC to send since the platform is indefinitely sustainable. 

But why is this vital for the fiat and crypto worlds? Notice, a big chunk of the world population does not have access to smartphones or internet-linked computers. That means they can't download crypto wallets, and even other AI-based banking apps. Knox will ease their hassle since users will get the opportunity to complete their transactions in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, traders will easily accept crypto payments in their daily activities; and this may be the key to faster crypto adoption, thus changing the world of finance. 

Investments in Forex

Currently, Robinhood offers some of the best forex services. The platform allows everyone to invest in gold, stocks, options, and also cash management. Stratus aims to introduce an even better investment app for both fiat and crypto exchanges. 

The app will allow users to trade 24 hours and offer other services, including cash management. Apollo fintech has significant gold holdings, thus investing in gold, GSX, and Other currencies will also be part of the investment app. 

Banking the Unbanked

Over 1.7 billion persons worldwide are not banked. That is a significant population considering the high advancements in the technological world today. But why have the banks failed to attract more users? Because not everyone has internet access.

However, with the Knox platform's introduction, it will be easy for persons to send BTC via SMS. That means more people will get access to the sending and buying services of banks. 

Universal Crypto Wallet

The coinbase currency wallet currently supports less than 20 tokens. There are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies; therefore, what coinbase offers is below average. Other wallets in the crypto space offer services to maybe one, two, or slightly more cryptocurrencies. The crypto world urgently needs an all in one wallet. 

Stratus is introducing a universal wallet on the platform. This wallet will ultimately help traders conduct exchanges with different currencies at any time. That will be a cause for a reprieve to users since they will transfer, trade, and complete transactions faster and securely.

Peer to Peer Transactions

P2P transactions are transactions between two parties with no regulating authority. Stratus ecosystem will make this possible by connecting billions of people on the same platform.

The surge in user numbers will make this platform the best for commodity exchanges. People will use WhatsApp or telegram like functionalities to communicate and make deals. Afterward, they will complete the trades by paying with Apollo currency or Knox world pay.

The Apollo Blockchain Technology

The Stratus blockchain social media platform is ultimately going to revolutionize the world's financial system. All credits to Apollo blockchain which is the Stratus center.  

The Apollo blockchain boasts a wide range of technological advancements that will redefine the crypto and fiat world. Adaptive forging, for example, protects the blockchain from wasteful non-stop block creation, thus enhancing transaction speed. The high-speed transactions reduce float problems because of the proper use of resources. 

Moreover, there is a scalability issue, which affects many blockchains, including Ethereum. Apollo has the database sharding technique that eliminates scalability issues in the blockchain. CEO Steve Mccullah of the Apollo fintech aims to make its blockchain the future of technology.

Stratus, as a product of Apollo fintech, will enjoy these features of the blockchain. Moreover, the Apollo blockchain has its currency called the Apollo currency.

Apollo Currency

Most social networking platforms offer marketing services, but no reliable medium of exchange. Stratus has both the advertising platform and the currency for trade, the Apollo currency. The currency is the world's fastest crypto in the market, thus the most promising.

This currency is the most feature-rich crypto globally boasting atomic swaps and many other advancements. Implanting Apollo currency will create a whole diverse world of crypto opportunities, thus diversifying the financial world. Stratus is spearheading the globe for an entirely new world of crypto adoption. 

Final Word

The new social media ecosystem promises more than just communication; it promises a whole new financial world. Top of its commercial features is the Knox world pay. The world pay platform will solely drive crypto adoption by allowing the exchange of BTC by SMS. 

Moreover, the fiat system, too, will enjoy great benefits from the introduction of the platform. Key among them is the revolution of the banking systems by use of its robust blockchain features. Over 50% of the global population remains unbanked. However, this chunk of the people will access bank-related services by SMS.  Stratus will redefine financial services by giving the best features on one platform.

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