Chocolate & Blockchain, A Crypto-Thriller, Bitcoin Prizes, Fresh Discussion: A Look At The 2020 Slovak Blockchain Congress

Chocolate & Blockchain, A Crypto-Thriller, Bitcoin Prizes, Fresh Discussion: A Look At The 2020 Slovak Blockchain Congress

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From November 16th to 18th 2020, the Slovak Blockchain Congress (SLOBLOCO) will be hosting an event in Šamorín, Slovak Republic that will take place online and in person. During this congressional session, attendees will hear fresh information around different aspects relating to the evolution and revolution of blockchain technology. Attendees will also have opportunities to participate in various events with the chance to win cryptocurrency prizes.

The main event will be a discussion on the developing use-cases around implementing blockchain technology into production process governance within the food industry. Blockchain company 3IPK is teaming up with chocolate manufacturer Lyra to better-track their production process. Eligible chocolate bars make use of 3IPK's industrial system to check the supply chain, quality of ingredients, and proving the origin of the chocolate. Up to 200,000 bars will hit the market in the near future, bringing blockchain to a chocolate bar near you.

SLOBLOCO will feature a wide range of speakers and panels discussing various aspects of the crypto industry. Primary topics to be discussed will include taxation of cryptocurrency income, the use of blockchain for a crowdfunded coronavirus vaccine, macroeconomic and political threats and opportunities tied to COVID-19. Speakers will also discuss the current industry landscape and what the future may hold for blockchain technology.

A talk by former Slovakian Minister of Finance Ivan Mikloš should prove to be noteworthy. During the event, he will get into the political and economic threats as well as opportunities resulting from COVID-19. This patience-draining pandemic will not disappear any time in the short-term, and all European countries must learn how to handle these matters accordingly.

Ing. Ina Kováčová Bečkova will be offering deep insights into the current and future implications for crypto taxation. She specializes in tax consultancy, defense, administration, and representation. Her current focus lies with the high likelihood of taxation on cryptocurrency gains from trading and mining endeavors. Taxation and regulation of cryptocurrency and its related activities is still a quickly evolving story as governments get better at tracking and recording crypto movement with recent KYC/AML initiatives penetrating the crypto industry.

George Salada; co-founder of bardicredit GmbH will be there discussing the first-ever crowdfunded coronavirus vaccine which is entering phase-one clinical trials in Q4 2020. The vaccine is being developed by the Slovakia-based AXON Neuroscience.

George Mác will present about KELTA, a service providing passive income solutions built upon blockchain architecture. George will share insights on the company’s initial use-case, and future roadmap in the years ahead. Finally, George will spend some time discussing the various developing and potential use-cases for blockchain across different business models.

Companies such as Kraken, Lamassu, and Trezor will also be represented during this event. They will be joined by CovidaX, Marble.Cards, Lyra, KELTA, Atlas Group, and the Crypto Heads team. Representatives of these firms will discuss topics including blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as their role in Europe and what the future may offer.

Crypto Heads: The Love Of Money IS The Root Of All Evil

On November 16th, in-person participants will be treated to a dinner, followed by Movie Night. During this time, a brand-new movie Crypto Heads, will be debuted. The film takes a closer look into the wild world of cryptocurrency trading; a 21st century venture that has experienced unprecedented growth globally in the past several years. A private screening of Crypto Heads the Short, which ran for just 32 minutes long, was organized in 2018 as part of an effort to collect viewer feedback. The version displayed during SLOBLOCO’s Movie Night is the full 100-minute feature film.

The film’s protagonist is a successful electronics businessman whose life is turned upside-down when the lure money leads him down a dangerous and costly path; all thanks to influences around him who all happen to have a connection to cryptocurrency. Crypto Heads features a full cast of characters and stars Mike Snyder, Todd Phillips, Joshua Lander, and Jon Mack.

Competitive Activities and Workshops

No crypto event is complete without an opportunity to network. There will be competitive and team-building activities held in-person and online. Winners of the contests, as well as their prizes will be announced on Wednesday. Those who attend the workshops can meet with the speakers and guests who were not present on the first day.

SLOBLOCO is happening on November 16th thru the 18th 2020 in Šamorín, Slovak Republic. You can purchase your passes for the online congress for EUR 129, standard in-person passes for EUR 499, and golden (two-person) in-person passes for EUR 799. Passes include two-day congressional participation, all food accommodations, and two-night stay at the X-BIONIC hotel. For more information on the event, visit Will you be attending SLOBLOCO this year? Be sure to let me know what you thought about it on Twitter @MarcusHenryHODL

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