3 Ways You Can Grow Your Wealth by Investing

3 Ways You Can Grow Your Wealth by Investing

Earning money in order to get by is a major part of the human experience. Everyone needs money, which means that everyone needs a steady job. However, using the money you make at work, there are a few ways that you can expand your wealth with smart choices alone. Here are a few tips on how to grow your assets with little additional work.


Bitcoin is one of a few “cryptocurrencies” that have emerged in recent years. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, and the name refers to the difficulty involved in tracing these currencies. They are largely sought after because of the privacy that using them entails, something many people want more of in the digital age. However, they also provide an additional benefit. In the early days of these new currencies, they have seen exponential growth in terms of amount and value, something that rarely happens in the modern era.

Investing in Bitcoin can prove to be a gamble, but that gamble has paid off for many early adopters, so there is potential for a major windfall for those who invest intelligently. When considering this kind of investment, you can use the YTD on your paycheck to continue to track your earnings in your nation’s native currency, YTD meaning “Year To Date,” a measurement of your earnings for the entirety of the year so far, including the current paycheck. By keeping track of both currencies, you can continue to keep clear financial records throughout the investment. This is potentially the safest form of investment, as “invested” funds are still usable throughout.


The Stock Market operates much the above investment in cryptocurrency, but on a smaller and faster scale. The Stock Market entails the buying and selling of stocks, which represent a portion of a company’s worth. As a company’s net worth fluctuates as a result of sales, among other factors, stocks fluctuate in value accordingly. This means that if a company’s net worth increases, that value of that company’s stocks also increase. Therefore, a “buy low, sell high” mentality can potentially give you a major return on investment, but it is, again, a gamble.

In order to play the stock market well, one needs to keep abreast of current business trends and other news related to said businesses. One great example of a need to know factor in stock trading is the public perception of the brand you’re investing in. If there is a public backlash against a company because of a misstep, stocks can sometimes plummet in value, and seeing that kind of backlash coming becomes a valuable skill as a result.

Investing in Businesses

Investing in a business is similar to the stock market, but more direct. Investing in businesses also has a more significant upfront cost, but that is accompanied by the potential for larger returns. By investing in a company, you would be helping a business get started, in many cases, or otherwise securing their future. If that investment successfully helps a business keep their doors open long enough to turn a profit, you will receive a return on your investment. This means that you will be paid back the cost of the investment with interest based on a percentage of the investment added to the amount on a repeating basis.

Investing in businesses is almost certainly the least accessible option, but it is also expected to provide the most substantial payouts. However, there is often no way to guarantee a return with any of these methods, but least of all investing. One needs to have a keen sense of what a profitable business looks like at their lowest point in order for investments to be successful.

Making money is typically the result of good, old fashioned elbow grease, some might say. Your wealth must be hard won. However, one can sometimes find themselves much better off by playing “smarter, not harder.” By investing your money wisely, you can increase the size of your coffers. However, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee of success when investing. Using this guide, you can give yourself the best odds by making smart decisions.

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