U.A.S.: Government With the First Stable National Currency

U.A.S.: Government With the First Stable National Currency

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The United Allied States is an independent sovereign entity determined to become the world's freest and most prosperous state on earth. Its core values are freedom, a free-market enterprise, and respect for human life.

The entity got founded on the belief that government institutions' existence means serving and protecting its citizens. It works under the principles of preserving individual rights and freedoms by safeguarding life. 

The government aims to fight globalism and promote an entirely free-market that supports small enterprises. This plan is spearheaded by creating the first stable national currency. U.A.S., together with their designated technology partner, Apollo Fintech, is developing the most advanced and stable currency for the nation. 

Creating a Stable National Currency

Earlier reports indicate that the U.A.S. partnered with Apollo Fintech for the development, management, and maintenance of all technological systems. The blockchain company gets to use its platform to support nearly every branch of the U.A.S. government. One of the big projects Apollo will tackle is the creation of the new government currency. 

Apollo Fintech has signed a memorandum of agreement with C.B.Z. Bank, a government-owned bank in Zimbabwe. It is the largest and most diversified financial institution in the country and licensed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The agreement is for Fintech to develop a gold-backed digital currency for the country. This project is similar to the U.A.S. plans of creating the world's strongest cryptocurrency backed with gold. 

Apollo’s National  Currency System

The Apollo Fintech's National Currency System allows users to send and receive the national currency through an incorruptible ledger. The technology has no security breaches, transparency issues, or uptime difficulties associated with a centralized system of current governments. Instead, it utilizes the most advanced blockchain technology that is hosted by Apollo.

The new collaboration will see manipulations, downtimes, slow transactions, and security vulnerabilities permanently solved. The national currency system and the tax system will work together to adapt to every tax model. This adaptability will reduce the need for an internal revenue agency or a revenue authority by providing a transparent and more efficient collection process. Therefore, the U.A.S. government will collect taxes automatically from balances and specified transactions. The funds raised will go directly to the government's account making tax evasion a crime of the past in Africa.


Furthermore, physical bills cost a large portion of a country's G.D.P. to develop and maintain. The use of digital currency will save the government millions on printing money. The U.A.S. is committed to directing these funds to improve the lives of its citizens and offer true freedom. It's clear that this new government has learned from the mistakes of previous leaderships and is ready to rectify matters.

Financial Opportunities with Stable National Currency

The United Allied Nation's move to create a gold-backed national currency is an excellent opportunity for Africa. A currency that continuously gets backing from a precious metal like gold is bound to have a high value. A highly valued currency quickly dominates the world's economy and opens countless investment opportunities for the nation. Therefore, the U.A.S. will create a country with a strong economy and a global trading giant. 

This development will provide new financial opportunities to residents, simplify and secure the transactional system, and create jobs. A digital currency presents Africa with the opportunity to thrive in the global market, giving entrepreneurs the necessary platform to grow and succeed. 

Furthermore, the currency has zero running costs to the government since it runs based on blockchain technology. The government can focus its extra funds on furthering research and innovation. Apollo's blockchain technology ensures transparent and traceable transactions that will build the citizens' trust in their government. Moreover, there will be increased confidence and demand due to the controlled supply technology. Digital currency ensures unlimited accessibility and fast payments, further promoting trade and sped up services.


The partnership between U.A.S. and Apollo Fintech will make the delivery of services and the development of infrastructure as fast as possible. The digital currency will eliminate the labor-intensive processes involved with institutional red tapes. Furthermore, blockchain technology will automate government systems and make systems run smoother while cutting expenditure.

These aspects go a long way toward achieving the United Allied States' vision for opening African countries to new development opportunities. A stable currency will revolutionize commerce, improve citizens' well-being, and open Africa to the global market.

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