Optimizing Your CV for a Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Copywriter Career

Optimizing Your CV for a Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Copywriter Career

Blockchain may not be in everyone’s vocabulary, but it is certainly “on the radar” of a large number of economic sectors – healthcare, insurance, education, government, even travel, and leisure. The potential to change lives and how businesses operate is huge.

With all of this forward movement in blockchain, the demand for copywriters is increasing, within the cryptocurrency sector itself, but also within other industries as well.

If you decide that you want to pursue a career in blockchain or crypto copywriting, you have some work to do. Before you even think about crafting a resume or CV for such a job opportunity, you must take the following steps.

    1. Assess Your Understanding of Blockchain Technology

You may be an experienced copywriter with many successes in your background. But what do you really know about blockchain technology? No one expects you to be an expert on all of the tech details, but you will be expected to understand the concepts of blockchain and how it functions. If you are not fully versed on the functions of this technology, then you have some research and some learning to accomplish before you put yourself out there as a solid copywriting candidate. If you are a total “newbie” to the blockchain, there are any number of online courses that will help you master the basic concepts so that you can sound knowledgeable on a CV and be able to assume a copywriting position.

    1. Assess Your Understanding of Cryptocurrency

Here’s the thing. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to fiat currencies and is used by a growing number of individuals and businesses. You need an understanding of the major currencies, whitepapers, ICO’s, etc., as well as investing, exchanges, wallets, and a host of other details about how this economic sector operates. Again, you need to do a lot of research until you feel that you can write about cryptos with some expertise. Consider enrolling in a basic course that will bring you up to speed on this industry.

    1. What is Your Background in Copywriting Itself?

You cannot hope to get a job in blockchain/cryptocurrency copywriting if you do not have success in the field of copywriting itself. It is a unique type of writing, and you have to demonstrate that you understand how to create engaging copy that readers will love and share. If you are an experienced copywriter, you can spend some time on your CV speaking to those successes and providing examples. If you are new to the copywriting industry itself, you need to realize that you have much to learn about the difference between copywriting and other types of writing you may have done. For example, in college, you developed skills in academic writing. You may have crafted essays or papers and even sought thesis writing help in order to get through this difficult type of writing. Just as you learned the basics of formal academic writing, you need to learn and practice the basics of copywriting. Get into some coursework that will provide the concepts but also the practice that you need to become a solid and skilled copywriter.

    1. Research Trending Topics in Crypto and Blockchain and Craft Some Articles

You have to demonstrate your understanding of blockchain and crypto, as well as your ability to remain current on the most popular and trending topics. The only way to do this is to actually create some articles. These you will want to put in a web-based portfolio, along with other exceptional articles you have crafted, and you will want to link to these in your CV.

Once this preliminary work has been completed (and don’t try to short-circuit this work), you will be ready to craft a CV that will present yourself as an ideal candidate for a crypto/blockchain content writer. Here are some key tips as you put this document together.

    1. Consider a Functional Rather than a Chronological CV

There are two general types of resumes/CVs. One is chronological and places job experience in reverse order, beginning with the current position and moving backward. This is a good format when someone is looking for a position with the same career field.

The functional resume is far better for someone who is attempting to enter a new career field. This format focuses on skills and talents rather than actual employment. If you are attempting to enter crypto/blockchain copywriting from other copywriting fields, you will want to focus on your successes in the copywriting field, not your employers. You will want to show that you can create a copy that is creative, exceptional, and engages readers, no matter what the topic.

    1. Craft a Unique CV for Each Position

Each position posting that you find has unique characteristics and specifications. You will find in those postings keywords that relate to the skills and talents that are required and/or desired. Those should be included in the CV you submit for each posting because they will ensure that your document passes through any digital screening a recruiter or potential employer may use. As well, there will be specifics that you will want to focus on in the CV content itself, based upon each posting.

And be certain that you provide that link to the articles that showcase your copywriting talent.

The goal here is to demonstrate that you can provide value to a potential employer, and providing examples of your great content writing is certainly the way to do this.

You Should Consider Getting Help

If you haven’t created a CV recently, or if you are simply not certain about how to craft one now for this career change, you should consider getting some professional help. Richard Keenan, a director of the resume/CV writing department for, puts it this way: “We have very talented people come to us wondering why they are not getting any ‘play’ on their resumes or CVs. What they don’t realize is that these documents require very specific expertise from professionals who have lots of experience. Getting that professional help can make the difference between a resume or CV getting a second look or ending up in the trash.

Patience is Golden

You are not going to become a successful copywriter in blockchain and cryptocurrency overnight. You will have to take the recommended steps above in order to develop your expertise and then to be able to demonstrate that to recruiters and potential employers. Take your time and do it right. If you don’t, you’ll be grasping for a goal you will never reach.

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