New Blockchain App Lets Business Owners Monetize Zoom Calls with Crypto

New Blockchain App Lets Business Owners Monetize Zoom Calls with Crypto

For the first time ever, Zoom is listing a blockchain-crypto app in its Marketplace

SmartSessions, developed by to mitigate the COVID-19 disruption for solopreneurs, businesses, and event organizers, utilizes SmartLink technology to capitalize on surging demand for video conferencing, enabling business owners to integrate their Zoom services registration and payment management, with the option to activate the built-in self-managed referral campaigns. 

2key created SmartSessions in a matter of weeks, building on their existing SmartLink that uses smart-contract to create a number of automated and self-managed incentivized organic distribution solutions. With SmatSession, 2key aims to assistsolopreneurs and businesses whose operations have been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis, as well as live-event and conference organizers scrambling to migrate to video streaming.

From yoga teachers and personal trainers to psychotherapists and tutors, the number of individuals offering professional services online has exploded, causing Zoom’s user base to jump from 10 million to 200 million. Yet, before SmartSessions, monetizing such services was an administrative nightmare – attendees had to be billed individually, and payments processed through PayPal or bank transfer.

With SmartSessions, in comparison, once the smart contract is deployed,  the entire management is executed by the smart contract that:

  • Processes payment
  • Generates the personalized Zoom Link
  • Sends the Zoom link to the attendee
  • Tracks how many times the invitation to the SmartSession has been seen
  • Tracks how many admission tickets have been sold

To create a SmartSession, the service provider, business owner or event organizer simply designs the invitation to the event with 2key built-in editor, and specifies the number of attendees, the session date, and the cost-per-person.

Payment is made exclusively in cryptocurrencies, as those are integral to smart contracts ability to process payment, but, barrier to entry is lowered as crypto can be purchased via credit card from within 2key, with 17 different fiat currencies supported.

The ability to receive cryptocurrencies means individuals offering professional services over Zoom avoid banking restrictions and fees – especially useful if attendees are based in different countries. Transactions are securely recorded on the blockchain and cannot be modified retroactively. SmartSession links are also fully decentralized and independent from any gatekeeper, meaning sessions cannot be disrupted by unwanted parties joining the call (so-called Zoom-bombing).

Zoom classified SmartSessions as a marketing product because of its integrated incentivized referral campaign. When a SmartSession creator opts to activate the referral reward system, it automatically offers anyone who shares the SmartSession invitation link the possibility to earn a reward. When the SmartSession invitation is shared by a number of people before a sale is made, each person in the referral chain leading to that sale receives a portion of the reward.

The SmartSession creator establishes the percentage of the admission fee to dedicate as a reward, removing the need to pay upfront for marketing purposes as the reward fee is automatically deducted from the payment made and distributed to the referrer. The system is fully self-managed so the SmartSession creator can focus on perfecting the material for the Zoom call.

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