Bitcoin (BTC) Repeats Similar Fractal, Can This Lead to Similar Outcome?

Bitcoin (BTC) Repeats Similar Fractal, Can This Lead to Similar Outcome?

Bitcoin (BTC) has just repeated a similar fractal as it did last month. This is a clear indication of how rigged and controlled this market actually is but that should not stop us from taking advantage of the opportunities presented before us. At this point, most of us should have now doubt as to how fake and manipulated all of this really is. The similarity of the two fractals and how they were repeated in less than a month’s time shows who really runs this show. It is a small group of influential people in the crypto sphere that not only determine the direction of the market but actually print the exact same patterns over and over with the help of their algorithms!

Using algorithms is nothing to be concerned about in itself. A lot of banks use algorithms and they use tactics that give them a lot of control over the direction of the market, but even they cannot print such fractals over and over, so similar and without any resistance. The fact that these fractals that we see on the BTC/USD chart are so alike tells us that these players have so much influence that they can do what they want without the least bit of hindrance. If someone like me can catch this, there are people on Wall Street that have seen it all and know exactly how it is done and who is behind it. There is no way those people are going to take this market seriously knowing that there is a small group of people that can do this to them.

So, will the pattern repeat? By the looks of it, yes, it is very likely that it might. The recent move in EUR/USD seems to have been more of an overreaction. A lot of people are suddenly very concerned about the FED’s failed quantitative easing measures being repeated again and how this could devalue the dollar. We saw the Dollar Currency Index (DXY) decline aggressively on its last trading day. However, most of this seems to be an overreaction and we don’t have confirmation of a trend reversal just yet.

The most probable scenario is that the Euro will begin its decline against the Dollar sometime soon and enter a long-term downtrend. I would not be surprised if this coincides with wars or the Coronavirus situation getting out of hand. The hegemony of the US Dollar is of paramount importance not only to the economic interests of the United States but also to its national security interests. I believe that there are still options on the table that they can use to do that. If that means the stock market would decline then that is something President Trump would have to make his peace with when caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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