Why Should I Buy Cryptocurrency?

Why Should I Buy Cryptocurrency?
  • Cryptocurrency allows you to move away from big banks
  • Decentralisation has a lot of major benefits

As soon as you tell somebody you’re a cryptocurrency investor, or that you use Bitcoin, the first thing you’ll be asked is no doubt something along the lines of ‘why should I buy cryptocurrency’ or even more annoyingly… ‘tell me why I should by cryptocurrency’ as if you’re some sort of Bitcoin salesperson. 

When this happens, there are of course a million reasons for and against buying cryptocurrency, such as freedom, decentralisation, profit, technology and the future. Downsides include debt, bad investments, literally running out of money and other factors including harm to the environment (through Bitcoin mining). So, what do we tell these people, why should they buy cryptocurrency?

The first key reason to me is decentralisation and the idea of being able to move away from central banks and governments.

Crypto allows us to control our own money and therefore, it’s got a huge advantage over FIAT currency which isn’t really owned by us. Decentralisation however does incite fear to many, and often follows with connotations of money laundering and crime, as a result of many silk road scandals and the likes, so, if you start talking about decentralisation, make sure you explain it from a technical perspective. This is where ‘blockchain technology’ comes in. This is a key selling point for cryptocurrency, because the blockchain is more than just a crypto product, the blockchain is a product of an automated and more efficient future. So, if you want to be a part of that, buy cryptocurrency, it’s as simple as that.

If you’re a successful investor and somebody asks you this question, you’ll no doubt want to let them know that your investments have been good. So yes, tell them that they can make some money out of it, though don’t be smug. Always remember to let your peers know that cryptocurrency investment is risky, no matter how much money you’ve made, your pals might not be driving away in a Porsche anytime soon as a result of it. 

Lastly and quite importantly, choice. Everyone has the choice to buy cryptocurrency and ultimately, if you want to be a part of this industry, you will. When you get asked this question, why not offer the person your help in doing some research. Tell them the reasons you buy, and then let them go off and research it a little bit more. The more we help each other, the more our own investments will benefit in the future!

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