Bitcoin, Ethereum And XRP Are Here To Stay

Bitcoin, Ethereum And XRP Are Here To Stay
  • Don’t let the negativity get the better of you
  • Cryptocurrency is here to stay
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP will bounce back better than before

A recent article in GQ magazine has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency news outlets this week after it claims that cryptocurrency is a long term project, one that is here to stay. This is major news because GQ is a major news outlet, one with a very large mainstream user base. It’s important that cryptocurrency news and info about leading cryptocurrencies makes it into mainstream news circulation, as the more people that start to talk about Bitcoin, the more we can expect to invest.

Bigger, wider and better investment in the future then leads to the possibility of bigger price climbs thanks to more money in the markets. When Bitcoin hits the mainstream, us investors will have made it!

The article discusses some basics around cryptocurrency, giving readers a chance to start to learn more about how crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP operate and what exactly blockchain technology is. We’ve taken out a few quotes that really go a long way in trying to explain to the average reader about exactly what makes Bitcoin secure, and what makes crypto something that we can all expect to be around for many more years to come. You can also take a look at the article for yourself on GQ:

“Crypto is actually helping people. In Venezuela, cryptocurrencies have proved to be a useful tool in everyday life. Borderless money is more than a buzzword when you live in a collapsing economy and a collapsing dictatorship, Carlos Hernández, a Venezuelan economist, wrote in The New York Times, recounting how crypto enabled him to buy food for his family. He told me in an email, I can imagine that for the rest of the world, the prospect of a currency that’s not controlled by anyone doesn’t sound super enticing. But in my specific case it’s a lifesaver.”


“Many bulls are ready to run. Facebook has decided it will be good for business to launch its own crypto, called Libra. Mark Zuckerberg recently defended the scheme to Congress as a way to flank China’s plans for its own digital currency. There are plenty of other movements along the front. Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve, recently confirmed to Congress that the Fed is evaluating the idea of a central bank digital currency.

Spreading these messages to the mainstream is important, as is spreading general good news about Bitcoin - it makes investors feel better and it helps to reduce FUD which in turn can damage price movements and the markets. If we all remain positive, crypto will make a comeback! 

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