How Yelp is Helping Boost BTC Adoption

How Yelp is Helping Boost BTC Adoption

With the Bitcoin price going through some significant gains, it seems that merchants and consumers are more interested in cryptocurrency than ever before.

The local-search company Yelp has joined the fold by reportedly adding a filter to help users find merchants that accept cryptocurrency. No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to goods and services though, be it dog groomers or burger bars, you can now find those that let you pay with crypto.

Yelp’s move is a reflection of a bigger movement that the cryptocurrency space has been needing for a while now, mainstream adoption. So whether its merchants rolling out ways to draw in customers or demand to pay with crypto is making gains, this is a bullish sign.

Yelp’s filter zeroes in on different companies that accept cryptocurrencies but it doesn’t actually accept crypto itself.

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As reported by CCN:

“Yelp’s filter is significant because its user base is huge. It reportedly had more than 30 million unique visitors on its mobile application and 69 million unique users on its mobile website last year. Roughly 62 million desktop users visited. This was just in its last fiscal quarter.”

As well as Yelp, another popular website that has made these kinds of moves is the travel giant Expedia. is allegedly now supporting payments in seven different cryptocurrencies which include Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash.

“It’s no wonder that the travel space would have been among the first to start making concessions for crypto payment acceptance. The industry thrives on making the travel experience as painless as possible, and this includes customers having convenient payment options.”


With firms like Yelp starting to accept cryptocurrencies, the critics should be put to rest.

Last month, news surfaced on a crucial Bitcoin bull leaving his spot at financial services giant EY. Angus Champion said that while he is still bullish on Bitcoin, he does have mixed feelings by how long he thinks it will take for mass adoption and doesn’t want to wait around.

Champion is hoping for tougher-minded and more resilient people to continue to make strides in the crypto space.

“I’m as confident in bitcoin’s ability to radically transform the world as I ever have been. However, I believe the time horizon to do that is very long, and I believe my best bet in the industry is to simply buy and hold.”

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