Kim Dotcom Is Selling His Self Built ‘Bitcoin’ Token On Bitfinex

Kim Dotcom Is Selling His Self Built ‘Bitcoin’ Token On Bitfinex

The Bitfinex platform has announced earlier this week that it’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform Tokinex is to relaunch as Bitfinex token sales and will provide the token of P2P digital content and monetisation blockchain K.IM on 22nd October.

According to a recent press release earlier this week, K.IM has raised $2.5 million in funding from BnkToTheFuture, Bitcoin Capital and even Max Keiser. The project's roadmap states that the platform is believed to go live in the third quarter of next year.

Also known as Kimble and Kim Tim Jim Vestor, Kim Dotcom is a German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur and political activist who first rose to fame in the 1990s as an Internet figure. 

Well, the founder of the now-defunct file hosting service Megaupload has commented on the development saying:

“Combining the internet with Bitcoin gives us a real chance of achieving the original promise of the internet; freedom of speech, commerce and finance. [...] I founded to allow artists, content creators and digital businesses to cut out all the middlemen and sell content and digital goods without censorship and outside of monopolies.”

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Kimble went onto say that the bitcoin blockchain has been able to scale so far and is now able to support a range of new potential.

“We can finally create our KIM token on top of Bitcoin thanks to recent technical breakthroughs like Lightning and Liquid. Bitfinex is the perfect partner to help us distribute KIM tokens, built on Bitcoin, to those who want to access the freedoms that our products provide.”

Bitfinex mea while highlights that the reward IEO platform will have “direct integrations with the Bitfinex exchange itself.” The firm's chief tech officer Paolo Ardoino made some notes on the current state of things.

“Most IEO’s are marketing campaigns that focus on achieving a short-term result, but that’s not how real businesses are built. Successful businesses are built through long-term, sustainable growth.”

It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out. For more news on this and other crypto updates, keep it with CryptoDaily!

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