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The ‘Real’ Satoshi Nakamoto Reveals Himself

The ‘Real’ Satoshi Nakamoto Reveals Himself

Step-aside Craig Wright, there’s a new Sherrif in town!

Or should I say, there’s a new self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto in town...

The latest person to claim that they are the creator of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space as a whole is an anonymous man who posted the first part of their ‘big reveal’.

In a newly published blog post published on the 18th August, the apparent Bitcoin inventor didn’t reveal their name nor did he provide a photo of himself so we aren’t really any closer to knowing who Nakamoto really is.

The post drops one name though and that is the nickname he was given as a child, ‘Shaikho’, which is typically a Pakistani name. He said that on 20th August (tomorrow), more will be announced in what can be assumed to be the second part of the ‘big reveal’.

Nakamoto is allegedly living in the UK and claims to be the child of a banker who used to work at the United Bank Limited, a Pakistani multinational bank.

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He goes onto claim that after being disillusioned with the corruption in legacy banking, Bitcoin was inspired. 

On top of this, Nakamoto goes onto say that he has now become disillusioned with Bitcoin because it's being used for illicit activity and has been “hijacked by greed”. These sentiments reflect the assertions of the previously aforementioned Craig Wright.

In discussing his mentor and ‘closest ally’, Nakamoto names the deceased computer scientist, Hal Finney.

A lot of people believed that Finney was the real Satoshi as he was an early contributor to the project. 

As reported by CCN:

“A longtime cryptographer and cypherpunk, Finney was the first person to ever conduct a bitcoin transaction. Finney also allegedly posted the very first tweet about bitcoin in January 2009.”

There’s going to be two more parts of this reveal so let’s hope they provide a bit more info on the man himself.