Bexplus Wallet: New Way To Diversify Your Profits

Bexplus Wallet: New Way To Diversify Your Profits

Bexplus is a popular marginal exchange, which allows users to trade crypto futures with 100x leverage. However, this August Hong-Kong based company introduced platform’s new lending feature: BTC-Wallet with annual interest. Here’s a review of new lending service. 

According to Bexplus, while platform is a marginal exchange where trading requires some knowledge and certain experience in trading, the BTC-Wallet is designed especially for traders, who is new to leveraged trading and don’t want to take high risks. 

Bexplus BTC-Wallet is independent from trading on the platform: bitcoins in Saving Account won’t be considered as margin, so even if you have open positions, your assets in the Wallet are safe. 

Platform offers various annual interest rates depending on the amount you deposited, it can range from 18% to 30%, see the full conditions below:

Monthly interest can be calculated according to this formula: (S*I/365*30)=MI, where S is a sum of your deposit, I is an interest and MI stands for monthly interest. So, if you deposit 10 BTC, your monthly income will be (10*30%/365*30)=0.24BTC. 

Interest reaches your account on the first day of each month, but you can withdraw your funds anytime and still get interest for the days you kept in the wallet in the beginning of next month.

In your profile on Wallet page you can check the interest you’ve received in total (Cumulative revenue), the amount to be paid in next month (Unsettled revenue) and the amount of interest you received for 1 day before (because interest is calculated from D+1 (GMT). D refers to the natural day of the BTC transferred into the wallet.)

What are Bexplus BTC-Wallet pros compare to its competitors? 

High annual interest (APR). Interest which Bexplus offering is significantly higher than its competitors’: while on Bexplus your minimum interest is 18%, most services offer just 4-10% (more often ~6%). 

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Fast withdrawal and no penalties for early withdrawal. Bexplus allows withdrawal at any time and proceeds within 1 day. No penalties for early withdrawal: investors cat take their coins if they change mind (and still receive the interest). 

Low minimum deposit amount. Investors can make a deposit starting from 0.05 BTC. Some lending platforms limit minimal amounts to 1 BTC. 

Secure and safe. Most of the bitcoins are stored in offline storage system (cold storage), while only small amount is kept in the hot storage. The platform uses multiple signature access, all the transactions are performed manually by several staff members. 

Quick access to trading. Still Bexplus mainly is a trading platform, so if you want to trade your stored BTC — transaction to trading account is instant and has no commission fee. 

Fast and simple. Your interest starts to calculate on the next day after you made deposit. It’s simple to make a deposit and doesn’t require KYC. 

Bexplus is a fast-growing margin exchange with 100x leverage. On the platform investors can trade BTC, ETH, LTC and other futures contracts. Bexplus’ advantages are: simplicity, lack of spread, trading simulator, security, quick withdrawal and deposit and various activities we prepare every month: for example, now investors can get 100% deposit bonus. By depositing 1 BTC you can get another 1 BTC for trading.

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