US-Based Elite Mining Warns Of Scammers Using Its Name To Fool Investors

US-Based Elite Mining Warns Of Scammers Using Its Name To Fool Investors

Elite Mining Inc, being comprised of veterans in the crypto industry, has been made aware that there are those that try and use our name to perpetuate a scam on those unsuspecting.

Unfortunately, in the growing crypto industry, there are those that would prey upon others in unscrupulous fashion, taking advantage of their hopes to create a better future for themselves through investment in blockchain technology and the new markets blockchain has created. As a company its, unfortunately, a common problem that there are people that claim they are part of our company (or even a company in general) to ask for 'investment' and offering a ‘great deal' to potential victims. In order to try and combat these practices we have decided to put out this statement:


Elite Mining Inc, is a USA based company, that is offering fully regulated and registered equity through our STO. This means that in order to invest with Elite Mining Inc you have to adhere to regulatory rules and follow a clearly outlined system. Under no circumstances will we in any way offer special deals or promise any scheduled returns. At Elite Mining we offer the opportunity to become a shareholder (owning equity in the company), which can only be done through our official website: , following the required steps. Including AML and KYC procedures, with the current procedure being a 'pledge' form that can be filled in to reserve a spot for our security token offering. 

We are not a cloud miner and we do not offer retail mining contracts. 

Be aware of scammers, not just with us but with everyone in the industry. When an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is and always check the official website and social media channels. Be aware that scammers might use social media that we as a company don't use (for example we don't use WhatsApp) and that under no circumstances we will contact you to ask for money or personal details or to offer you any kind of deal.

Be safe and check out our website for the correct and only official method to become a shareholder in Elite Mining Inc and grow with us!

Investment Disclaimer
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