Erik Zhang At DoraHacks: Pledges NEO Will Deliver ‘Next-Gen Internet’

Erik Zhang At DoraHacks: Pledges NEO Will Deliver ‘Next-Gen Internet’

Erik Zhang, the NEO founder and core developer spoke at the Dorahacks event in China last week, and revealed some teasing details about NEO’s next upgrade for the platformNEO3.

Appearing at the hackathon-style event as a judge, Zhang jumped on stage and enthusiastically engaged with event guests about what they could expect when NEO takes its next giant leap forward.

The news comes a week after NEO announced its partnership with Ontology, another blockchain giant.

“I am confident blockchain technology will shape the future of the internet, starting with a paradigm shift in terms of computing. With this, I foresee the Internet shifting from being application-centric to user-centric by giving full control to the users,” he said.

“Developers have long been at the core of our company. Through NEO3, we aim to provide enhanced support, an upgraded infrastructure, and a suite of tools to empower our developers to realize next-generation decentralized apps.

“Within the past few decades, China has undergone an Internet transformation, one that’s fundamentally changed people’s lives. Moving forward, NEO anticipates an even greater transformation coming our way as blockchain adoption accelerates, and as we advance towards rolling out NEO3.”

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NEO3 is the next major upgrade to the blockchain and will involve developing a new chain and initiating a token swap between the current platform and NEO3.

Moves are already underway to upgrade NEO and the project is currently nearly three-quarters of the way completed.

Since NEO3 was announced there have been a number of different elements of the project revealed.

  • dBFT 2.0 - launched in May. The consensus delegated Byzantine fault tolerance mechanism has been improved to guarantee immediate transaction finality and includes a recovery method to help failed nodes on the NEO network get back online with minimal disruption.
  •  NeoFS, NeoID, and other products - launch imminent. NeoFS is a distributed decentralized object storage platform integrated with the NEO blockchain, while NeoID is a decentralized identity protocol built by NEO.

One thing is clearwith Zhang’s drive and enthusiasm and with the support of its global community, NEO3 is set to bring about an evolution of the internet that could transform the way we work, communicate and do business. The future is looking green.

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