The Mainstream Adoption Of Bitcoin

The Mainstream Adoption Of Bitcoin

As Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency industry grows, so does it’s adoption in the mainstream. Yes, Bitcoin has been mentioned in several films, TV shows, animations and more over the past few years since it started to gain value. There is no doubt that Bitcoin especially has been the main focus of mainstream media for quite some time now and it has played an important role in some the narrative for some TV shows including the Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons.

The development of Bitcoin in pop culture has grown just as much as the cryptocurrency itself has. Bitcoin is a dominating theme in quote a lot of mainstream things which has sparked many memes. All these facets of popular culture in which Bitcoin and other digital currencies play big roles show us far they have come in such a short time. To a certain extent, there is mainstream adoption for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as most people will have heard of Bitcoin by now.

Many of this can come from TV shows, movies and more. In a few TV shows, Bitcoin can be often interpreted in a negative way, as if Bitcoin is the villain of the story. This is why cryptocurrency is a big part of crime fiction shows but as we said before they also make its way into light-hearted sitcoms such as The Big Bang Theory.

As Bitcoin and high tech developments become more popular TV shows like Silicon Valley will become mainstream then maybe Bitcoin might be seen as the hero in certain storylines.

That being said, there is a significant amount of popular and mainstream artwork which shows Bitcoin in a positive light too. One image shows two people playing poker at a table, one is a miner and the other looks like a businessman from the future. On the miner's side, the background is mainly rubble and burned out suggesting that he is of the past whereas the background for the businessman looks almost like a utopia suggests that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the way forward for a brighter future.

Even though the crypto revolution is still newish, references to Bitcoin in pop culture will continue to grow, we’re sure of it.

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