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Could Trump Bash Bitcoin Following Trade War?

Could Trump Bash Bitcoin Following Trade War?

One thing we can say to our grandkids when we’re older is that we were alive when Donald Trump was president of the United States.

No matter what nationality you are, you will know about Trump’s reign over one of the biggest nations in the world. You can love him or hate him but there isn’t a doubt in the world over the power he holds.

However, the recent trade war with the People’s Republic of China has shown another side to the controversial US President.

Along with other moves Trump has made recently, such as the Huawei fiasco, it is quickly becoming a possibility that the president might actually have cryptocurrency in his crosshairs as his next target.

The reason behind this thought process is due to the recent feelers coming from the US, specifically following the regulatory ‘tightrope’ that Binance is walking with the nation. If cryptocurrency gets the attention of the President, he could very well go after it and do what he believes is best for the public.

As reported by ZyCrypto, the Trump administration is quite easy to predict nowadays.

“They operate a certain way and in a certain manner; all driven by the personality of the Donald himself.”

Trump has shown his enthusiasm in cryptocurrencies in the past but now he the leader of a nation, the political side of him could take over. This is the only thing that makes it hard to predict what will happen.

The president has been accused of a lot of things during his time in power and being inconsistent is just one of them. But even so, that inconsistency could lie with what is best at the time of the decision. Whatever that decision may be. A lot of people think that Trump wouldn’t even try and do anything to influence or regulate cryptocurrency but I wouldn’t tempt a man with that type of power I were those people...

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