Assassin’s Creed Publisher Making Moves Towards Crypto & Blockchain

Assassin’s Creed Publisher Making Moves Towards Crypto & Blockchain

Multiple non-financial industries have shown interest, some way or another, in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Despite this, the technologies and currencies are yet to do business with one of the biggest industries of them all, gaming. Whereas you can get dApp games, they aren’t quite the same as the AAA titles you play on your PlayStation or Xbox.

Things seem to be changing for the gaming industry and blockchain. As reported by a local French publication, Les Echos, it seems that the gaming behemoth Ubisoft (Assassins Creed, Far Cry etc.), is starting to get involved with the space.

The publication details that Ubisoft is determined to identify the potential applications of blockchain in gaming. The article also confirmed that Ubisoft’s team has already identified a suitable use case that can be put into practice.

Translated from French, the report reads:

“The idea is to give a digital existence on the blockchain to the “items” (accessories) available in video games; content that publishers monetize and which constitute a manna more and more colossal for the actors of the sector.”

This specific move pushed forward by Ubisoft is very intriguing as the firm has decided to start the project over the Ethereum blockchain. No matter your personal opinions on Ubisoft, you can’t deny that they are one of the biggest gaming companies in the world with some of the biggest gaming titles in recent years like For Honor and the extremely popular Tom Clancy series.

In the future, Ubisoft will more than likely introduce in-app or in-game purchases via the Ethereum network. However, there isn’t anything to suggest any leveraging of any form of cryptocurrency for these kinds of purchases.

A video game financial analyst at Midcap Partners, Charles-Louis Planade said:

“When you buy a costume on Fortnite, your investment is lost, the accessory is locked in the game. If we use the blockchain, we give a physical existence to a digital element.”

This development indicates that the gaming giant will follow the same road in allowing players to keep the digital property of their accessories which could eventually increase the commitment of its game players.

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