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IOTAs Plan To Revolutionise Motoring

IOTAs Plan To Revolutionise Motoring
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Cryptocurrency and blockchain project, IOTA have huge plans to revolutionise the motoring industry. IOTA is often referred to as a company that is spearheading the internet of things revolution, a revolution that promises to make the internet more than data, it wants to make hardware and software interact, through a combination of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and a number of other scientific revolutions. IOTA is huge, and continues to grow, though their growth of late does seem to be focused on motoring and motor vehicles. This growth has recently been reflected very nicely with the price of the IOTA token also.

According to ZyCrypto:

“IOTA has been making headlines in the cryptocurrency circles over its ability to revolutionize the vehicle industry. The foundation has already signed deals with Jaguar and Range Rover where drivers will be earning MIOTA tokens to share information on their driving experience.”


“IOTA has proved that it is positively affected by partnerships. With all partnerships announced recently, IOTA’s value has always spiked. The foundation has announced that it has several partnerships lined up.”

After recent announcements during mid-May, IOTA saw a huge price increase, getting investors very excited for what might come next. We know that IOTA won’t rest until they have partnered with the very biggest companies in the automotive industry and thus, they still have a long way to go. The evidence from historical trends does suggest that when these partnerships are confirmed, the value of the project spikes, ensuring the investment continues to flow and eventually ensuring that this investment makes an impact on the future.

The technology behind IOTA does promise to bring the motoring world in line with the new internet of things ideology. This could mean that through IOTAs partnerships, new cars could be built that boast a whole range of blockchain technologies, backed by artificial intelligence. This isn’t the only thing IOTA are doing mind, we have to remember that these partnerships are also helping big industry names learn more about cryptocurrency too. If major car manufacturers start purchasing IOTA as a result of this, you can bet they end up dabbling in other cryptocurrencies too. These partnerships have bigger implications beyond motoring and promise to prop this industry up for many, many years to come.

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