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Weiss Ratings Claim XRP is More Popular Than BTC

Weiss Ratings Claim XRP is More Popular Than BTC
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Even though Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency across the globe, in the United States, it doesn’t match that of another crypto. Weiss Ratings has revealed that XRP is more popular in the US compared to Bitcoin.

According to Weiss Ratings, XRP was more famous than Bitcoin in the US throughout 2018. They stated in an official tweet, “According to Google Trends last year, the number of US users searching for “how to buy #Ripple” was greater than the popular search engine query “how to buy #Bitcoin.” This should make #XRP fans happy.”

This comes as a surprise to a lot of people when you consider that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that most people will have heard of and that it is the main investment tool that people use when they get involved in crypto. But even so, Ripple has been making a lot of positive headlines since the start of this year.

In its report last month, Weiss noted that it believes XRP to succeed this year. The popular firm looked into 120 cryptocurrencies and ranked them according to their technology and the likelihood of their success. At the top of the list was Ripple’s XRP which was followed by EOS and Bitcoin. XRP was considered the best cryptocurrency in terms of adoption and technology.

At the top of the list after considering risk and reward ratios is EOS which is followed by XRP and Bitcoin. Weiss are believers that Ripple’s XRP is currently the second-best cryptocurrency just behind EOS although it is still better than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As reported by Ethereum World News:

“XRP has started gaining a lot of usage as more banks and financial institutions across the globe sign up to make use of Ripple products such as xRapid and others. The interest in the cryptocurrency and Ripple’s remittance products by financial institutions could be one of the reasons why US investors are interested in learning more and the various ways to invest in it.”

Weiss has claimed in the past that they haven’t been the biggest fans of XRP but over the past few months, they seem to have been impressed with how the digital asset has performed.

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