Could TRON Breach the Top 5 Before 2020?

Could TRON Breach the Top 5 Before 2020?

Over the past week, the cryptocurrency market has taken a turn… for the better! Bitcoin surged up past $5,000 and the rest of the market followed it including TRON which saw a 14 percent increase in price. The relatively new cryptocurrency has now seen more than a 30 percent increase in price over the past month with TRON sitting at the eleventh positive according to CoinMarketCap.

TRON is intended to become a decentralised content network which will allow content producers to retain all their rights to their content rivalling firms like YouTube. The cryptocurrency also functions as a dApp platform which will allow developers to create decentralised applications on top of the TRON blockchain.

The cryptocurrency was founded by Justin Sun nearly two years ago and if you take a look to his Twitter, you can see that he works day and night to keep the community well-informed with what’s going on with TRON. In addition to his work with TRON, Sun has also worked with Ripple for a short time before he launched his own project.

In fact, Sun has been regarded as one of Forbes 30 under 30s and is also the protegee of the billionaire Jack Ma.

So with this all in mind, let’s take a look into the potential factors that could help TRON reach the top five ranked cryptocurrencies by 2020.


Tether announced in March that they would be creating a stablecoin based on TRONs blockchain. The USDT stablecoin would be a TRC-20 token that would be interoperable with all TRON based protocols and dApps.

The TRON based Tether stablecoin is set to launch at some point in Q2 of 2019.


With TRON continuing to outperform the majority of competing for dApp platforms within the space, the foundation has recently bought out CoinPlay.

CoinPlay has been designed to make it easier for new faces to get involved in the space. With the increased interest in TRON dApps, this acquisition will make it easier for users to find dApps and developers to list their product on the CoinPlay.

In the end, TRON has a lot of things going for itself and especially after the acquisition and launch of the BitTorrent token. The millions of users on the platform will be crucial in helping TRON reach the top 5 by 2020.

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