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TRON Users Continue To Surpass EOS And Ethereum

TRON Users Continue To Surpass EOS And Ethereum
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In the battle for the biggest decentralised platform provider between EOS, Ethereum and TRON, the latter continues to reign king after more reports have surfaced that suggest TRON still continues to retain the highest amount of dApp users.

The battle between EOS, Ethereum and TRON is hot and is heavily debated among the cryptocurrency community. Of course, each of the project does come with it’s own unique selling point and intrinsic advantages, however it is TRON that always seem to come out on top when it comes to the provision of decentralised applications.

Granted, this isn’t having a major impact on the value of the TRON token, TRX, so investors may feel a little underwhelmed by this, however user figures offer an important measure as to the success of a crypto project. Indeed, if more and more people keep migrating from EOS and Ethereum to TRON, then the value of TRX will increase over time, as will the market cap of TRX too, which currently sits well below Ethereum and EOS at present, though we should note that all three of the tokens are comfortably situated within the top ten, for now.

According to ZyCrypto, the figures for dApp usage within TRON are outstanding:

“As seen on Rating dApps, Tron dApps have garnered a whopping 164,150 users in this year alone. More groundbreaking is the fact that this Tron’s newest record is only 15,850 below the overall usage of 180,000. With a total of 84,622 against EOS and 104,281 against Ether, the ethereum network will need to push twice as hard in order to position itself for any slightest opportunity against its rivals. However, this may take quite some time, seeing that a good number of Ether developers had reportedly moved to Tron after Sun’s suggestion on the collapsing of the Ethereum network.”

Historically, Ethereum has constantly held onto to the top 10 spaces in the dApp rankings, though over the past few months a number of these spaces have slipped as a result of the new TRON dominance that seems to have swept the markets, not just in terms of investment, but also in terms of loyalty too. As the ZyCrypto reference rightly points out, more and more developers and dApp creators are moving over to TRON, moves that have no doubt been inspired by the successes seen when TRON launched their own mainnet during the middle of 2018.

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