Nasdaq is Testing Bitcoin: Good Sign for the Future?

Nasdaq is Testing Bitcoin: Good Sign for the Future?

On the 22nd April, the quantitative analyst at StrongMarket, Cryptopolis announced that Bitcoin is being ‘traded’ on Nasdaq.

A tweet from the popular crypto analyst has sparked the interest of the crypto community. This came after he suggested that he was able to buy Bitcoin through electronic trading platform connected to Nasdaq TD Ameritrade. According to Cryptopolis and the chart tweeted out saying it shows the BTC/USD pair trade from 10th April.

Despite the bullish excitement from the analyst Cryptopolis, it was confirmed that the trade did not take place through the real platform, but was made on the paper one.

After being in contact with TD Ameritrade staff, Cryptopolis discovered that CXERX “is not a symbol [they]trade on the live side.” What this indicates is that the cryptocurrency might be in a testing version. So even though no real transactions are actually taking place, it could lead to a big wave for adoption is Nasdaq is to go live with CXERX.

The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee also commented on the news, tweeting that TD Ameritrade is testing both Bitcoin and Litecoin on its platform.

Lee confirmed that the image was taken from his own TD Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim account, in saying that even though it might be just paper trading at the moment, “it’s there for sure“.

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