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Craig Wright: Fake Emails Thicken The Bitcoin Lawsuit

Craig Wright: Fake Emails Thicken The Bitcoin Lawsuit
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One user on Reddit has revealed perhaps one of the most interesting fraud claims in regards to the Craig Wright situation that has been going on this past week.

As a quick recap, Wright is being sued by the estate of Dave Kleiman for a non-specified sum but rumours suggest it’s in the billions. The suit claims that Wright stole more than 1 million in Bitcoin from Kleiman which happened shortly after his death.

The Reddit user says that a piece of evidence submitted by Wright in the case is provably false. An apparent expert in GPG signatures and cryptography, Contrarian argues his points saying:

“We know how to find the long ID of the key used and the timestamp of the signature. I’ve bolded the ID and italicized the timestamp. Looking on the MIT keyserver, we can find the fake* key. The timestamp of the signature is 1394600848, which is March 12, 2014, two weeks before Craig filed to install Uyen as a director of Dave’s old company, and almost a year after Dave died!”

The email has another characteristic too. Aside from its false signature, apparently, Kleiman misspelt his own name when he set up his email account. Either that or the email is one hundred percent fake and Craig Wright failed to catch the typo when generating the fabrication.

Another Reddit user pointed out that the strategy for ‘appointing’ some is unusual. Kleiman allegedly says, “Unless I hear otherwise, I will assume you are coming on-board.”

The Reddit user states:

“I’m going to use this technique to assemble an amazing board for directors for my dog-walking business.”

What now?

Wright is quickly becoming a professional litigant, with lawsuits against him and numerous suits against others. Calvin Ayre has been the kind of ‘press man’ for Wright in telling the world as Wright send more legal threats.

Recently, the subjects of his legal rancour have gotten a bigger and bigger profile. In fact, both the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin and Adam Back are purportedly going to have to have repercussions for denying Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

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