Top 10 Most Promising Crypto Startups for 2019

Top 10 Most Promising Crypto Startups for 2019

The crypto and blockchain industry is the hottest space in finch over the last few years, and shows no signs of stopping or slowing its pace. The industry is host to some of the greatest minds in technology and finance, who are creating new projects that will forever change the world.

With so many exciting projects all around the crypto market and blockchain industry, it’s difficult to cut through all the noise and spot which are the best of the best. The following ten crypto startups represent the very best the industry has to offer, and should be watched closely as they have potential to leave a radical impact in the space forever.


Lolli is a Google Chrome add-on and web portal that allows consumers to complete their everyday shopping needs through Lolli, in order to earn a portion back from their spending in Bitcoin.

Lolli works with over 500+ top brands that people would actually want to shop at, including Macy’s, Walmart, Best Buy, GoDaddy, and many more major household names. After a purchase is completed through Lolli, the user will receive a percentage back in Bitcoin depending on the purchase amount, and which retailer the purchase was made at.


PrimeXBT is a 4th generation cryptocurrency exchange currently causing a major shakeup throughout the industry. Most crypto exchanges offer traders the ability to buy and sell, but that’s about it. This trading strategy has become almost impossible to profit from during the current sideways price action.

With PrimeXBT, traders can use up to 100x leverage to both go long (buy), and short (sell) the market, depending on which direction the trader predicts. To help make a trader’s job easier, PrimeXBT also offers advanced charting tools, customizable widgets, and more to improve a trader’s chance of making a successful trade and closing in profit.

Finally, PrimeXBT offers a 4-level deep affiliate program that is spreading like wildfire among the cryptocurrency community. Everywhere you turn, it’s difficult not to encounter a trader talking about PrimeXBT.

Orchid Labs

Orchid Labs is a San Francisco-based start up that aims to keep the internet open and surveillance-free. Orchid Labs believes there are basic human freedoms such as speech and our search for knowledge that may be in jeopardy if the freedom the internet offers is ever hindered in some way.

Orchid Labs offers a suite of open source tools and blockchain protocols, one of which is an Ethereum-based open marketplace for bandwidth. By operating on Ethereum, no central authority is needed, and it allows Orchid’s clients to transact with no middle men on their low-cost marketplace for bandwidth and VPN connectivity.


Harbor offers a blockchain-based platform and compliance protocol for private securities, such as investment funds and commercial real estate, that turns them into more liquid tokenized assets.

Private securities transactions often carry complex requirements, and suffer from limited liquidity. By tokenizing these assets, all aspects of the transaction can be digitally traced and verified.

Harbor handles all aspects of a transaction, from legal and tax documents, to accreditation and on boarding, for an investor or issuer on its institutional-grade platform.


Trading cryptocurrencies can be stressful, and requires much research and a complete separation from one’s emotions. The best way to remove all human emotion from one’s trading strategy, is to have bots do the trading for you.

Not only can users develop trading strategies using Cryzen’s trade assist tools, but they can regularly backtest any strategies to ensure effectiveness before deploying into real world situations with actual capital on the line. The bots can be used to automatically rebalance portfolios, or can buy or sell assets based on the indicators a user specifies.

Saga Foundation

The Saga Foundation is the team behind Saga coin, a reserve-backed stablecoin. Where Saga Coin differs from the majority of other stablecoins in the crypto market is due to the fact the Saga Foundation requires holders of the coin to pass extensive know-your customer and anti-money laundering verifications.

But by doing this, Saga Coin hopes it can receive more support from regulatory entities across the globe by removing the primary concerns these organizations have regarding cryptocurrencies.


ShipChain is an end-to-end logistics platform, designed to provide trustless and transparent tracking for all aspects of a supply chain.

From the moment a shipment leaves a factory, all the way until it arrives at a customer’s door, ShipChain uses blockchain to track and verify each and every step.


Coinlancer is disrupting the freelance work market, by integrating blockchain in order to connect freelancers with clients to deliver work on a per-project basis.

Using smart contracts on Ethereum, Coinlancer matches freelancers with clients, then handles all the security, transparency, and more via blockchain. Freelancers are able agree to terms of a job listed by a client, who then deposits the funds for completing the job into escrow. Once the freelancer finishes the project, the client can approve the project was completed to satisfaction, and the funds will be released to the freelancer as payment.


Bakkt is an upcoming platform for trading physically-settled Bitcoin Futures contracts, created by the parent company behind the New York Stock Exchange. Part of Bakkt’s significance is simply due to the parent company’s – International Exchange – involvement.

Bakkt seeks to go beyond a simple trading platform, by becoming a cryptocurrency service and warehousing provide, and creating an open and regulated global ecosystem for digital assets. Bakkt is also working with the support of major brand names like Starbucks, Microsoft, and more.


Paxos is a new stablecoin and one of the rare few that has been approved by the New York Department of Financial Services. It is also approved and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Like Tether and USD Coin, Paxos is fully backed by the US dollar.

The Ethereum-based ERC20 token is being pitched as a digital alternative to cash. Paxos views crypto as a digital age solution for money, however, aims to remove the volatility and unregulated aspects of cryptocurrency through its Paxos Standard stablecoin.


This list represents the most promising startups shaping the future of the crypto and blockchain industries. Like all startups, some will fail, while others will become the leaders in their respective space.

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