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Earn Money Whilst Playing ETH Blockchain-Based Games

Earn Money Whilst Playing ETH Blockchain-Based Games
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As we all know, blockchain has a lot of potentials and when it comes to gaming, that potential is through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens.

Joe Lubin’s blockchain software technology company, ConsenSys media recently noted 16 live NFT-based games that can be played by users for the fun of it as well as earning some money in the process.

The Future of Gaming

According to ConsenSys, while the blockchain space currently has its hands full with network upgrades, scalability and adoption, blockchain-based games are quietly providing early proof that blockchain technology can revolutionise the future of gaming.

On the Ethereum blockchain, non-fungible tokens are classed as ERC-721 tokens which don’t have equal value to other similar tokens and unlike fungible ERC-20 tokens. “One ETH is equal in value to another ETH, but this is not the case with NFTs.” Games that use these ERC-721 tokens and ConsenSys claims that one of their team members made $600 in around three hours using NFTs on Ethereum.


ConsenSys went on to provide a list of several different games that are using NFTs and bringing new and unique tokens to buy, sell and trade on Ethereum.

As reported by blokt, the blockchain software technology firm listed different categories of games starting with ‘Collectible and Trading Games’ such as the popular Ethereum based games CryptoKitties that allows users to buy, breed and trade different digital kittens (hence the name). Some of the games are as follows, keep an eye out for some of your games:

PlasmaBears - this is a similar game in that you can build, sell and trade digital bears or even send them out on adventures to discover wearable assets.

Etheremon - the game that inspired Pokemon (joking) is one that allows users to capture, trains and sell unique animals known as Mons.

0X Universe - this lets users design a spaceship and explore space by colonising new planets and the like (similar concept to No Man's Sky but without the backlash)

The next category was “Battling Games” which includes games like Chibi Fighters where players are able to fight and trade digital warriors and collect weapons. Some of the battling games include Hyperdragons and MyCryptoHeroes.

“Strategy Games” is the next category which has games like Decentraland which is a Vr world where users get a plot of land to build and trade assets.

Do you get involved with blockchain games? Let us know down below in the comments!

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