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TRONs Goal To Take Back Power From Amazon, Google & Facebook

TRONs Goal To Take Back Power From Amazon, Google & Facebook
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It’s common knowledge in the crypto space that TRON is one of the biggest blockchain networks in the world, with its founder and CEO, is known for being very vocal about new things occurring with the company. In a recent interview with CoinSpeaker, Justin Sun said that TRON is getting ready to take back the internet power from giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook.

There are no doubts that when Sun says he would do anything because he had delivered on his past promises and endeared himself to the hearts of people.

To start off with, Sun was asked what the final aim is for TRON that he is working with. In response to this, the CEO said, “our goal is to decentralize the internet. That means we want to return to the vision of the original internet, which is to give everyone the power to share information freely. Right now, that power is mostly in the hands of large companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google.”

The team at TRON has been working very hard to structure and grow the network to be one of the strongest in the blockchain ecosystem. Their platform has developed and enhanced the internet to make the development of content and transfers smooth and simple.

One of the most significant steps taken recently by the TRON team by far is the optimisation of BitTorrent to turn it into the business machine. This allows for faster peer-to-peer download and transfer of virtual documents.

The interviewer also asked Sun about Ethereum and EOS, asking if the two firms are the closest competitors to TRON. To this, Sun responded:

“In the near term, yes. Both companies are looking for a decentralized app ecosystem. If we’re successful longer term, the competition will be Facebook, Google, Amazon and others.”

To finish off, Sun was asked what the main objective for TRON is for 2019. In response, the founder said, “for 2019, the goal is simple: Build trust in crypto and blockchain by executing on our vision.” He went on to say:

“I believe 2019 will be a big year for blockchain. People are already starting to see clear winners and losers. When the poor performers drop out is when we’ll see a return of trust and true growth across the ecosystem. For TRON, we’ve got some big plans ahead in addition to the things we’ve already announced. If people like what they see as we roll out these things, I believe TRON can truly become a household name.”

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