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Litecoin Fights Its Way To Mainstream Sport

Litecoin Fights Its Way To Mainstream Sport
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At the recent UFC 232, the famous UFC announcer, Bruce Buffer shouted to a sellout crowd of 15,862 people at the Los Angeles Forum, “take control of your money and pay with Litecoin!”

While the sponsorship with the UFC made history, it also provided a compelling first-hand view into the role these types of initiatives can play in driving Litecoin towards the almighty mass adoption.

According to the Litecoin foundation, there were multiple goals that they wanted to achieve from this sponsorship including driving awareness, tapping into the massive audience that UFC gets from around the world.

The huge milestone made in UFC 232 made it one of the biggest sporting events that was sponsored by a cryptocurrency. In addition to this, it also marked something a lot more significant as the UFC doesn’t accept partners or sponsorship from the average joe. The fact that one of the biggest sports in the world was happy to take on a cryptocurrency for the canvas of the Octagon during the event which is televised across the globe. It isn’t surprising though that the signal made quite a lot of noise across the different social media platform.

Litecoin UFC

If we take a look at an analytics report from TweetBinder, the search result for ‘Litecoin UFC’ had a significant surge with more than 40,697,646 impressions over the course of just one week which has the potential to reach 16,035,068 unique users, the result of this term or hashtag is estimated to be near $80,000 in advertising money.

This is just on Twitter alone.

According to the Litecoin Foundation, the level of activity surged from when the sponsorship was announced on the 26th to the live event on the 29th. Some of the stats are as follows:

“Total Tweets: 10,402 tweets.

Total Replies: 687 tweets.

Total Retweets: 7,327 retweets.

Total Links/pictures: 1,935 tweets.”

This is just further evidence of adoption creeping into the mainstream, maybe one-day sponsorships with cryptocurrency could be the norm?

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