TRON Mainnet Reaches New Milestone… Again!

TRON Mainnet Reaches New Milestone… Again!

Justin Sun is one of the prominent names in the cryptocurrency space and recently, the founder of TRON just expressed great joy through his Twitter after the network reached yet another milestone. This time, the Mainnet reached a new record of 900,000 accounts in under 200 days. You can see Sun's tweet below:

It wasn’t that long ago when the TRON Foundation had announced an update of the performance of the Mainnet, when they said it had hit the 600,000 accounts mark in just over 140 days. With this in mind, it is clear that the mainnet is massively improving the network behind TRON and on top of this, it also surpassed the public expectation as it was rumoured before the release of the mainnet that there is a chance the crypto might not survive on its own blockchain.

At the end of May this year, the Mainnet for TRON was released to start the operation of working on its own blockchain. At first, the new arrangement was foreign to investors leaving them sceptical but now, many people seem to be shocked by Sun’s announcement that the mainnet had grown to a 3 million block height in October. It’s worth noting that this was achieved in just over 100 days.

As reported by ZyCrypto, “since its launch, the MainNet performance keeps on getting better and Tron Network has experienced rapid growth, even in the period of a bearish market in the crypto space, the network reported a lot of achievements which is not so with other networks.”

There are hundreds of developers out there that would love to work at the TRON network and many of them have even moved from other platforms with their dApps to TRON. The team at TRON is clearly very dedicated for their goal of being the forerunner for worldwide content management.

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