The Expansion Of The TRON Network

The Expansion Of The TRON Network

TRON has achieved a new record on its network. TRON’s network has surpassed Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP in the sense of the number of transactions on a daily basis. Overall, these digital currencies just couldn’t reach the number of transactions that TRON handled on the 7th November.

The last months of the year we have seen TRON massively expand. The co-founder of, Misha Lederman released information regarding this matter and it shows that TRON beat the top four digital currencies in combined daily transaction number.

On the 7th November, transactions registered by these digital currencies included:

ETH: 564,602

BTC: 293,604

XRP: 193,540

BCH: 22,252

This means that the total number of transactions was over 1,000,000. On the same day, TRON registered 1,183,155 transactions. What makes this noteworthy is that over the course of the next few days, transactions processed by the network continued to surge. The next day, November 8th, there were over 1,270,000 transactions of TRX. On the day after that, 9th November there were over 1,300,000 processed transactions of TRX by the TRON network.

So, over the course the of two days the number of transfers saw growth of 20%.

During the same time, the volume of addresses also seemed to grow as time goes on. On the 10th November, more than 10,500,000 wallets of TRX were registered.

These are some big numbers and with TRON launching its mainnet back on June 25th. At this time, the network left Ethereum and became the biggest decentralised network in the market. Now, developers are free to build dApps on it.

As reported by UTB:

“TronPay Wallet, a Chrome extension, was launched on November 9, allowing TRX users to send and receive funds directly on Google Chrome. Justin Sun commented that it was built by the Tron community developer DAppPlay.”

You can see Suns tweet here:

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