People Love Working At Ripple

People Love Working At Ripple

Together, blockchain and digital currencies come up with a fast-moving and highly volatile industry with numerous challenges and rewards. Of course, building and introducing new disruptive technology to the world and getting a good reaction isn’t an easy thing to do. At Ripple though, they seem to have got their working environment just right as according to recent studies conducted by Great Place to Work, over 90 percent of employees at Ripple find the company to be a brilliant place to work.

The SVP of marketing at Ripple shared a link to the review on her Twitter which you can see above.

According to the ratings, there was apparently over 95 percent of employees considering Ripple great for challenges. 96 percent said that they think the atmosphere at Ripple is great with 95 percent saying that believe it has great rewards. The same amount of employees also think that the firm has great managers with excellent communication within the company.

The most impressive stat is that 99 percent of employees there take great pride in their work and workplace.

Around 97 percent of employees at Ripple are also willing to do a bit extra to get the job done right. There was also a stat which showed that 96 percent need time off when they need to. Overall, almost everyone who works at Ripple enjoys working at the company which was founded in 2012 and has over 280 employees worldwide with 235 of those based in the United States.

Clearly, this shows that the team behind XRP are all content and working hard to ensure that the token works. If they believe in Ripple, we can be sure they all also believe in making XRP a success.

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