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Going Live On CoinField Has Had a Huge Impact XRP

Going Live On CoinField Has Had a Huge Impact XRP
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There have been a few rumours running around regarding a Canadian crypto exchange which has been deliberating on plans to release an exchange system with XRP to be the base currency. This plan has now become a reality. The exchange in question is CoinField and they have further revealed that this service will be available to its clients in over 60 countries all over the world. Users in these countries will only have to complete a Know Your Customer process during the registration. Many XRP traders welcomed this move with open arms. In fact, the development is partly a result of a petition put forward by the crypto’s lovers for CoinField to make it a base currency. Following the announcement, there were several members of the crypto community who went to Twitter to praise the decision. As said by Ethereum World News, in launching the exchange, CoinField revealed that customers could now pair up XRP with around 20 other cryptos. In addition to this, the exchange facilitates 28 trading pairs and exchanges across 6 traditional currencies and different countries. This includes the Japanese Yen, The British Sterling, US dollar, Canadian dollar, the Euro and UAE Dirham. For the XRP based pairs, the platform has capped transactions fees at just 0.05% CoinField has also said that they will include more cryptocurrencies by the end of this year. This isn’t the first exchange platform to be a tad bias to one crypto. In recent news, another exchange called XRP United laid out XRP to be its base currency (as you would expect with the name…). This puts XRP as one of the most prefered within the trading environment, along with this, it’s safe to opine that other exchanges might soon consider following suit. In this scenario, the value of XRP as a crypto would likely gain as its trading volume increases. At the current time of writing, XRP is in the green and is up by 1.74% giving it a price of $0.463. In fact, all the market is currently in the green with Bitcoin being priced at $6,441 after a 1.19% climb over 24 hours. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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