Getting To The Heart Of TRON's Technology

Getting To The Heart Of TRON's Technology

Last week, TRON published its second weekly report on dApps. The report of the initial dApp weekly reports has been the catalyst for an increase in the number of developers delving into TRON’s technology. More teams are beginning to develop on the TRON network. Despite this, the volume of dApps listed on the dAppHouse has not gone up. TRON discovered that there are more than 20 decentralised applications running on its mainnet through other channels.

The volume of TRON transactions last week compared to the week before increased by around 15 percent. After the volume reached 640,000, TRON’s account number surpassed that of EOS and the 24 hours transaction volume increased steadily to over 1.5 million.

TRON’s official DEX has witnessed a significant amount of growth following the daily transaction volume going over 100 million TRX. In the report published on 23rd November 2018 it stated:

“DEX receives a lot of application for token listing every day.”

The TRON accelerator website was recently launched and you can now register if you are an interested party. The TRON accelerator is an online contest for developers who built dApps on the TRON blockchain protocol.

dApp report

TRON is introducing the community developed TRONPay wallet which will “support importing and creating accounts” and allow those with a wallet to import their account through a private key. The wallet can be used for transfers, deposits and managing resources.

Also in the news is the gambling app, TRONdice which has got a popular following has the“most daily active users (DAU) among all Tron Dapps.” The gambling app’s DAU on 20th November reached 1,570 while the 24 hours transaction volume reached over 400,000 TRX. Users are ranked in the app based on their transaction volume and those on top of the list are in line to receive generous rewards.

TRONDice is launching a new version that will have a mining and gaming mode in which “Dice token holders can share 70 percent of the profit TRONdice generates, and vote on important issues on the platform.”

Part of Dice tokens are currently being traded on TRONscan DEX and they “are the most traded trading pair on Tronscan DEX.”

According to Blokt, TRON managed to make a few new partnerships with Thunder Stone Games and SpiderStore which will launch an exclusive dApp section for TRON.

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