Could HOT, XLM and OAX Ever Outperform Bitcoin?

Could HOT, XLM and OAX Ever Outperform Bitcoin?

The digital currencies, HOT, XLM, and OAX are three coins which are worth looking into if you’re looking for the coins with the best chance to outperform Bitcoin in this fourth quarter of the year.

Now please remember that we are not investment advisers and this is not investment advice. If you do choose to invest, do so based on your own prior research, cryptocurrency investment is risky, therefore you should only invest what you can afford to lose. Do your research and trade safe.

Or at least that’s what think just before they start to discuss the mindsets of an investor in crypto.

During the last bull run, there were two types of digital currencies which had a tendency to surge. There were ones with a very low market cap on big exchanges and those with very low prices.

The tokens which have low market caps, dedicated teams with the network to get listed on the top exchanges should be the ones to look at when we head into the next bull run against the alternative of buying low priced coins.

OAX has a very low market cap and has some big unknowns in quarter four events, but it should perform exceptionally well in the short term.

Bitcoinist asks the question:

“The market sentiment has continued to shift from the summer of 2018 through the beginning of quarter four. With crypto personalities and technical analysis pointing to a December bull-run, the question becomes fairly obvious: How does one take advantage of the shifting of market sentiment and the possible impending moonshot?”

At the end of last year we saw the last bull run which had two main types of digital currencies which saw some significant surges. This included very low cost per coin digital currencies and coins which had an extremely low market cap. Coins with a low market caps are the coins which should be targeted against the ones which the price seems ‘cheap’ on.

If you’re are not savvy with cryptocurrencies and don’t understand what market cap is and the importance of it against the actual price then fear not.

As an example, if you look at two cryptocurrencies, let’s say that one is trading at $2.00 and the other is trading at $0.50. The first one has a market cap of $5 million and the second one has a market of $100 million. So which one do you think is the better investment if both are on the edge of having $1 million in demand of the digital currency generated by a new announcement?

The answer would be the first one. The one with a $5 million market cap and the $2.00 price. This is because if $1 million of demand is generated for a cryptocurrency with a $5 million market cap the total market cap with increase to $6 million. This 20% jump in market cap is contrasted with the price increasing by 20% from $2.00 to $2.40.

What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below!

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