Ethereum Founder Exploring Ground In Turkey

Ethereum Founder Exploring Ground In Turkey

The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin opened up his Twitter to find that he had numerous replies on his tweets that were all written in Turkish. Not only do the Turks have things to say about Buterin and Ethereum but about cryptocurrencies in general. They seemed to keen on letting Buterin know on Twitter in their native language, why’s this important? Well, I guess it proves that Ethereum is truly international.

Buterin seemed to be interested in this but was also confused as to why his responses were in Turkish and not English. The co-founder quickly asked the question if there was something particular going on or whether he is yet to actually interact with the crypto community in Turkey.

Much of this, as we know may have developed during the recent crash of the Turkish Lira, in the middle of 2018. This crash saw interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies spike significantly.

In one of his many tweets, he says:

One user responded saying that the crypto community in Turkey is massive:

They can be quoted saying:

“Yes, there is huge turkish community around crypto and not only hodlers but also builders Vitalik. I’m pleased to see that you interacted with our community.”

The same user also revealed their successful hosting of the Cornell professor, Emin Gun Sirer whose voice focused the interest of crypto to Turkish citizens.

As reported by ZyCrypto:

“The web 3.0 $Hydro platform, a layer -2 on the Ethereum, has also highlighted that over 2,000 developers have signed up to partake in the web’s development, showing an impressive reception towards the Fintech and Blockchain community.”

Binance also saw the growing interest of those in Turkey. Specifically with the younger generation. The exchange has recently finished a meeting with the Turkish crypto community in order to establish their goal to make Turkey one of Binance’s top five markets.

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