The Market Could Be About To Hit A Low

The Market Could Be About To Hit A Low
As of yesterday, the leading digital currency saw a drop from around $6,490 to the $6,345 mark and continued to dip until it hit $6,300 level against the US dollar. Not being able to successfully close above the big 6 and half thousand mark, tanked its price with a harsh end. The second biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum declines below $200 with almost a 4% decrease over the past day.The third biggest digital currency in the world, XRP was recovering was a slight drop earlier in the month on 24th October and the speedy crypto had no major move for a few days while only bound ranging in a narrow path. For all the HODlers of XRP not much changed for the token since the past week as its value has returned below its 7 day low. Some of the latest news from the space include Amir Sarahangi, one of the previous employees at Google who has joined the San Francisco based distributed ledger, XRP. The team behind XRP, RippleNet and several financial and global payment solutions are eager to Amir join the team at the company. As said by Ethereum World News:
“Digital currencies (Crypto) aren’t on the edge of a collapse.” There were the controversial words conveyed by Joseph Lubin, an Ethereum (ETH) co-founder and Consensys founder, during a recent appearance on CNBC’s “First On CNBC” segment.”
Traders of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies who had their assets at the small Canadian Exchange, MapleChangeEx are now counting their losses following a hack at the end of last week. The exchange said that some people were able to exploit a bug and withdrawing all the exchanges including customer funds. You can see a tweet from the exchanges official Twitter below<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!
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