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Ripple To Eventually Become ‘Microsoft of Crypto’?

Ripple To Eventually Become ‘Microsoft of Crypto’?
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The CEO of The Blackmore Group and Wealth Chain Group, Phillip Nunn has made a statement saying he believes that Ripple could become the ‘Microsoft of crypto’ if it keeps on its path. There have been many debates over the years and Ripple has been a key topic of most of them. Many see XRP as the coin which is faster, cheaper and overall, they see it as better than Bitcoin. However, there are others which are against the coin and don’t see it going the distance due to several reasons but the one that stands out is the amount of XRP held by its company, Ripple. Ripple & Microsoft The widespread usability of XRP has started to stick out and over the past week, xRapid went live and was soon on the ‘front page’ of every cryptocurrency news channel out there. After xRapid went live, a big number of huge businesses revealed that they are going to be testing xRapid including, Mercury FX, IDT, Cambridge Global Payments and Currencies Direct. Because of this, Nunn has changed his thoughts on Ripple which he went to Twitter to clarify by saying this on 2nd October:
“I’ve never been a supporter of #ripple $xrp But boy they are making some serious moves. And the fact I have issues with their offering are being put aside for now as they become so important in flying the #crypto #blockchain flag They will become the Microsoft of #crypto”
When talking to BusinessCloud, Nunn explained his views on Ripple by saying that he sees a lot of similarities between Microsoft and Ripple. Especially Microsoft when the internet was still a relatively new thing. Nunn, even goes onto say that Microsoft’s technology is inferior when you compare it to Apple’s
“However the genius of Bill Gates was the fact he was in early and timing was everything. Whilst others were focusing on product development, he was focusing on adoption.”
Nunn goes onto describe the similarities between Ripple and Microsoft saying:
“The next wave of crypto is all about adoption: those who crack that will succeed and those who don’t will fail. […] XRP and Ripple are getting into all the banks and positioning themselves.” In the run up to the launch of xRapid, the price of XRP saw some great gains. At the time of writing, XRP is in the green and has seen a 1.94% in the past 24 hours. What are your thoughts? Do you see similarities between Ripple and Microsoft? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! References: Live Bitcoin News

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