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Bitcoin Cash Social App Released

Bitcoin Cash Social App Released
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Earlier this week on Monday, a new Bitcoin Cash-powered social media application called Hivr was released in beta form. The platform is available on Android devices and lets you post onto a social news feed, it features a wallet, native tipping, instant messaging and more. Over the course of the past few months, several developers have been designing forums and social media platforms on top of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Now a new project has come to light which is attempting to test the social media with Bitcoin Cash. Hivr is a social media app which lets users post, chat and use their native instant messaging system. The team behind Hivr explained that during the announcement for launch that they are aware there is already a various amount of platforms that allow media uploads on top of the Bitcoin Cash chain. Most of them, such as Blockpress and only support a few features at the same time such as posting and tipping but don't’ offer much else (like the instant messaging that Hivr offers). On top of this, most of the other platform require a small amount of Bitcoin Cash to create a post however, Hivr allows free posting. The team behind the platform has said:
“Basically, we created Hivr because we wanted to combine all these amazing ideas within the Bitcoin Cash community into one well integrated, easy to use application. With Hivr, you can post any content you want for free, tip the posts you like, create group chats, and send each other tips right within the chat, all within one application.”
When you open the Hivr platform, you first see a login screen where you can make a new account or use your existing details. After you sign in you are asked to select a few tags of subjects that you are interested in such as news, Bitcoin Cash and so on. After this, the account is given a Bitcoin Cash wallet with phrases so the user can backup the Hivr wallet. With its simple navigation, the app is smooth to navigate and isn’t hard to get to grips with. Like other Bitcoin Cash social media apps, Hivr doesn’t have a load of people using it just yet but there are people using it out there making the most of the features. What are your thoughts? Will you be checking out Hivr? Let us know down below in the comments!

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