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ADA, ELA, LINK & More Coins To Watch This Month

ADA, ELA, LINK & More Coins To Watch This Month
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With the market’s value jumping all over the place and there being plenty of opportunity for investors, let’s look at some of the coins to look at this month. ADA The co-founder of Etherum, Charles Hoskinson set up this blockchain project a few years ago under the name Cardano. By building the next generation blockchain, Cardano is dubbed to become a fully-fledged smart contract platform with a library of protocols that developers can utilise to design decentralised apps. The native currency of the platform is ADA and is currently in the middle of applying some major updates to the platform. The release of testnet running Cardano 1.4 which will take place sometime this month and the way data is stored and changes are recorded. This follows on from the previous version of Cardano 1.3.1 which was released in September and improved the main 1.3 release and led to the Yoroi Chrome extension wallet entering testnet mode. Cardano is one to keep an eye on this month. ELA ELA - Elastos - is a smart web project which intends to bring a safer and more reliable version of the internet to the masses. By using the blockchain, the team provide a safe environment where the decentralised application is detached from the internet and Elastos also enable the ownership and exchange of personal data and virtual assets. The team behind Elastos have recently announced the Elastos TV Boc which uses the Elastos Carrier peer-to-peer network and the number of uniquely equipped TV boxes have reached 230,000 consumer-owned units. LINK LINK - or ChainLink - lets smart contract to interact with real-world data and allows decentralised ‘oracles’ to connect with blockchain APIs. Users can create cross-border connectivity between their main smart contract along with any other public or private chain. Key an eye on LINK this month. ZIL Zilliqa is high throughout public blockchain platform that is designed to scale and process thousands of transaction every second. The project essentially makes ‘shardingn’ a reality and Zilliqa uses a novel consensus protocol which can make more transactions as the network gets bigger. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! References: coincodex

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