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What Could The 2019 Crypto Trends Be?

What Could The 2019 Crypto Trends Be?
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Crypto is an industry which is increasing at an alarming rate. With Bitcoin in the news more now than it ever has and other cryptocurrencies getting more and more interest by public eye, this is a good time for the market. The future of crypto is bright, and we’re feeling a tad optimistic at Crypto Daily today, so let’s go through the coins which are spearheading the industry to greatness. Ripple Ripple is quite a unique coin and it is the only enterprise blockchain solution around the world which facilitates virtual asset exchanges, connect banks, payment providers and worldwide payments. Ripple is a mainstream which is still affordable to the masses. In the coming years we hope to see something big from Ripple. Ethereum The one of a kind features that Ethereum offers are different from the ones that say, Bitcoin offers. Ethereum isn’t a digital currency, it is instead platform which connects with smart contracts. On this platform the application works without any complications by interference from any third parties, fraud etc. Ethereum has a huge leg up from other platforms. Alliances are always changing as Ethereum network isn’t able to handle the thousands of daily transactions for running decentralised apps (dapps). EOS Let’s cut straight to the point. EOS could change the whole blockchain industry. Now, the field is always developing and a lot is expected to be seen in the crypto space and EOS could be a massive part of that. Bitcoin  What more can we say about Bitcoin? The leading cryptocurrency in the market is always ahead of the rest and can reach new heights over the course of a few weeks. That being said they it can also reach lows after the course of a few weeks too. The demand for Bitcoin is very high and so there are numerous exchanges which sell the coin. Without a doubt, Bitcoin is the big player in the crypto world however, there are other cons which have the potential to make it big next year in 2019 and beyond. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know down in the comments!

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