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Shamed Bitcoin Fraud Alexander Vinnik Sent To Russia
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Shamed Bitcoin Fraud Alexander Vinnik Sent To Russia

The Supreme Court in Greece has allowed the Bitcoin fraud suspect Alexander Vinnik to be sent to Russia. There are also rumours that Vinnik has beneficial information for US special counsel Robert Mueller as he looks into the alleged meddling in the Russian election. In July 2017, Vinnik was arrested in Greece and allegations at the time suggested he had Bitcoins which might be related to the MT. Gox hack back in 2013. The FBI later took down the BTC-e exchange in July. Now reports have said that the Greek Supreme Court has chosen to send Vinnik back to Russia which is his home country. This decision is suspected to be officially announced next week on the 14th September. Since his arrest, Vinnik has stayed in Greece and has had three countries which are fighting for him. The United States, France and Russia. It is very clear that these countries won’t be happy to see Vinnik go somewhere else too. Vinnik spoke to a reporter saying that his time in prison didn’t leave him with any complaints, but it reported in May that there was an assignation attempt which was allegedly going to be executed through poisoning. On the 4th September, Vinnik was evident that he “did not recognise these fake charges”, and showed that he was confident about Russia, in the sense that they would clear his name from charges. Vinnik also added “there is no justice [in France and the United States].” Russia was very clear that if Vinnik wasn’t sent to them, there would have been retaliation from the country. Some have speculated that the concerns from Russia regarding Vinnik going to the United States could be related to his connection with a hacking unit that has been targeted by Robert Mueller.

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