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Leave Your Inheritance To Litecoin
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Leave Your Inheritance To Litecoin

Inheritance and cryptocurrency, it’s a grey area but it’s one that could become a very big deal in a few years time. Is there an advantage in using cryptocurrency in a will, over standard cryptocurrencies? Indeed, there are already services out there that does this for you, is it a wise move though? This sort of investment, is like any investment, it’s risky and it requires a bit of research. There’s no way to know which project is the best to invest in, if you’re thinking of using crypto within a will or similar, however, you should be able to decide for yourself after doing a bit of research. We believe (now this is not investment advice, remember that) that Litecoin at this point would be quite a good investment. Okay, Litecoin may not see as big as a return for the recipients of your inheritance as the likes of Bitcoin, however we must remember that Litecoin has a very solid future ahead of it, one that will see Litecoin gain a host of new uses. Projects like #PayWithLitecoin have to get us thinking about how Litecoin will be used in the future right? Investments for the future No matter which way you turn, investing in cryptocurrency for wills and inheritance is a good idea, in a few years time it may not be the case as cryptocurrencies may have reached a peak value by then, but, as it stands, with prices low at the moment, if you’re wanting to purchase crypto for inheritance, now might be the right time. It’s a great alternative to housing and property which is often used as an inheritance alternative and it’s one that could provide some growth for the future. Again, please do note that this is not investment advice. There are plenty of financial service providers out there that can help you with inheritance and financial planning, but, do bear cryptocurrency in mind. Use this to inspire your own research.

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