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New HTC Exodus To Be Advised By Litecoin’s Charlie Lee

New HTC Exodus To Be Advised By Litecoin’s Charlie Lee
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HTC are a Taiwanese electronics company, most known for the production of their flagship HTC desire smartphones. Very recently, the firm announced the production of a new smartphone, the HTC Exodus, the phone with a blockchain backbone. According to reports today, HTC have recently announced that the exodus project will now integrate the knowledge of Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee and thus, will also include heavy integration of the Litecoin project. According to CCN:
“The HTC Exodus, which the Asian tech giant has described as the world’s first native blockchain phone, is slated for release in this year’s third quarter. HTC has indicated that every Exodus device will be a node and this will allow users to own their identity and their data by having both on their devices as opposed to being on a centralized cloud. Additionally, every device will come with a cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies.”
See the full article for yourself, here. Upon initial release, it was announced that HTC Exodus would rely on Bitcoin and Ethereum and take advantage of the Lightning Network, though in their announcement, HTC left the project open to the integration of as many cryptocurrencies as feasibly possible, therefore the integration of Litecoin did seem likely from the outset. The biggest implications with regards to Charlie Lee and Litecoin here, is the possibility of HTC Exodus being used as a project to relaunch Litepay. We have discussed this numerous times and generally, the industry feels that Litecoin will see a relaunch of Litepay, a new Litecoin based payment system. By integrating this into a physical product like a smartphone, we can’t see a better opportunity for Litepay to be launched as a product for a mainstream audience. By bringing Charlie Lee on board, HTC haven’t just done themselves a big favour, it seems that also, this is going to be just as beneficial for Litecoin too.

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