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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Likely To Dominate IOT And dApps By 2020

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Likely To Dominate IOT And dApps By 2020
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Ethereum Classic Chart With Values Chart for ETC/BTC (1D) As developers express concerns over the centralized nature of dApp development and deployment on Ethereum (ETH), dApp popularity on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blokchain has just doubled in two months. Ethereum Classic (ETC) has taken a more practical approach to dApp development compared to Ethereum (ETH), one that is more focused on development and less on fundraising. Instead of hosting a large number of shady ICOs, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has encouraged direct dApp deployment on Ethereum Classic (ETC). Dapp Direct shows a number of dApps that are successfully running on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain. As for Ethereum (ETH), a lot of projects have raised millions of dollars of funding in ICOs but they are yet to build anything useful. There are projects like Lisk (LSK), Eos (EOS) and Golem (GNT) but they could have raised money for their projects without using Ethereum (ETH) and they do not have any Dapps built on Ethereum (ETH). The purpose of Ethereum (ETH) was not to enable people to raise money; its purpose was to serve as a blockchain for smart contracts and dApp development. Now, some people will say that ICOs also involve smart contracts but that is completely underestimating the need and use of a platform like Ethereum (ETH). We can raise money for new projects without having smart contracts! People have been doing it for decades. The real purpose of a blockchain like Ethereum (ETH) is to host dApps and their smart contracts and to facilitate the interaction of different dApps among themselves. However, as we have seen in the past, Ethereum (ETH) has miserably failed at this. When the first dApp, Crypto Kitties was launched, it nearly choked the whole Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Ethereum Classic (ETC) on the other hand is hosting more than five popular Dapps at the moment without any issues. So, when investors compare Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), these are the real metrics, not the amount of money raised by ICOs or the number of ICOs held. Ethereum Classic Chart With Values Chart for ETC/BTC (1W) dApps mean decentralized applications that are free from external control or influence. Ethereum (ETH) is fundamentally flawed to host any dApps. If you want to call it Apps, then yes it can host those provided that it does not choke the network again. It is clear that dApp developers will opt for an immutable and decentralized blockchain (ETC) where they have the liberty to set their own rules. So, eventually Ethereum Classic (ETC) is better positioned to win the support of dApp developers, not only because of its early mover’s advantage but also because of its long term feasibility as the best dApp development and deployment platform. As for IOT (Internet of Things), Ethereum Classic (ETC) is expected to become fully IOT Compatible by November 30, 2018. Ethereum Classic Chart With Values Chart for ETC/USD (1D) Becoming the most popular platform for dApps and IOT goes hand in hand as in future most decentralized applications will have to interact with one another without relying on external involvement. This will not just be a need but also a requirement as decentralization and automation eliminates problems like data theft, corruption and manipulation. So, not only does Ethereum Classic (ETC) have an early mover’s advantage in dApp development and deployment but it also has an early mover’s advantage in IOT. If you connect the dots, it is easy to see that Ethereum Classic (ETC) is thinking two steps ahead without concerning itself with short term ICO fundraising. Ultimately, a blockchain is supposed to serve as a platform for Dapps and smart contracts instead of becoming another medium to raise money. Ethereum Classic (ETC) seems to understand the dynamics of the game better than the rest of its competitors and is thus willing to appear weak short term in order to win long term.
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