Dogecoin On A 9.9% Increase, Miracle In Penny Stocks?

Dogecoin On A 9.9% Increase,  Miracle In Penny Stocks?

Despite its nature, Dogecoin is maintaining its progress on a bull run even when the market tries to find the strength to get a leg up. The recent boost by the coin is suggestive from the steady upward surge it has been going through within the past month. At the time of writing the coin has undergone a growth of just over 9.90% and it continues to jump on the back of the Dogecoin Ethereum bridge known ‘Dogethereum’. Recently, the coin has been listed on several trading platforms such as Yahoo Finance, Poloniex, Robinhood and more. With the addition of Dogecoin to these exchanges, more capital is now coming into the market. Over the last month, Dogecoin has doubled its value. On 28th August, it was trading at $0.0025 and on the 20th August, the bull run moved the price up to $0.0066. This let Dogecoin to continue its growth percentage in the bear market of over 150%. Dogecoin is trading at $0.0067 on the current markets. This comes after the 7th September rally from $0.0050 to $0.0054. Iarius Germund, a market analyst commented saying:

“It’s not very often when you see the underdog beat established coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of pure growth. Over the last month, Dogecoin has a growth percentage of 186%, even when the market is constantly fluctuating due to regulatory uncertainty.”
Jan Yakira, a fanatic on everything crypto had this to say:
“The cheap cost of Dogecoin allows investors to get into it with a very small amount of capital, much like pocket change can be converted into savings. This also allows for a high volume purchasing and generally multiplicative properties. Mainstream trading platforms allowing for the trading of Dogecoin will allow experienced traders to test the waters.”
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