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Decred DCR Now At KuCoin Exchange
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Decred DCR Now At KuCoin Exchange

The self-governing cryptocurrency, Decred DCR, is now listed at the KuCoin exchange. What is Decred DCR? Decred DCR is a digital currency which plans to develop a policy creation on and decentralised governance on the blockchain. The aim is to produce a cryptocurrency which operates independently with progress voted on and enacted right by the holders and miners of the coin. DCR also includes some vital changes from the Bitcoin protocol which it is based on to achieve the aforementioned goals. The minds behind Decred are all mostly crypto fanatics and pioneers of Bitcoin. They have found an error in the way Bitcoin is functioning. As the mining operations started, the decision making process by Bitcoin becomes more and more centralised, with the biggest mining businesses holding massive sums of power over the improvement process of Bitcoin. The team  The mind who organised the project is called Jake Yocom-Piatt, is considered to be the cryptocurrency pioneer and specialist in open-source software. There are several developers who have worked on Decred, including Dave Collins who is the lead developer on the project. Collins and Yocum-Piatt worked together as developers at Bitcoin before they found Decred together. There are two key exchanges which have decred DCR, Bittrex and Poloniex and now, the KuCoin Exchange. When a user obtains DCR, the storing of the currency is the easy part. Users can view the accessible wallets and download. One of the most simple wallets to start with is the web wallet, this is because it is browser based, but a user can also download the Decredition wallet for Windows, Linux or macOS. What are your thoughts on this new self-governing cryptocurrency? Will you be getting involved with Decred DCR anytime soon? Let us know in the comments down below!

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