All You Need To Know About The Next NANO Update

All You Need To Know About The Next NANO Update
In a recent update, NANO have outlined a number of updates that are set to be rolled out on the NANO network by the name of NANO v16.1. This comes after a number of users have allegedly reported issues with the iOS TestFlight Build, among other community projects that have been built for the NANO network. In essence, an update was needed, now it seems the update is almost ready. According to AMBCrypto:
“Since NANO had started facing syncing issues with v16.0 in the past couple of weeks, many users had downgraded to v15.2 which the platform maintains is a stable version of their network. The development team is presently in the closing stages of testing and fixing bugs for V16.1 so that it can be ready for deployment.”
The new update will see a relaunch of iOS TestFlight after a number of users running on the older network had experienced issues with the build. In order to benefit from this though, those involved do need to run the update as soon as possible. How far is Nano v16.1 from going live? According to the official NANO release:
“V16.1 is currently in its final stages of testing and debugging. Data gathered from users who are currently testing v16.1 on the mainnet and betanet has shown the updated version staying in sync, however, a bug was discovered causing nodes to temporarily lose their peer count. The developers are continuing to work to fix this issue tonight and hope to have the official release ready to launch tomorrow.”
Hopefully, we will see the full update go live within the next 24 hours. What else are NANO doing? As you know, the community is a key part of the NANO project, therefore the update published by NANO highlights a number of the community actions that are currently taking place, including the launch of new wallets and the implementation of a new international block explorer:
“Additionally, has recently implemented localization, allowing users around the world access to an easy to use block explorer, a fundamental part of any cryptocurrency. If you are able to assist with any additional translations, please reach out to Ryan/@meltingice on Twitter or Discord. The developments happening within the community truly make this project special. Please join me in thanking everyone who is working to make Nano successful.”
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