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Wikipedia Founder Takes Knowledge Sharing To The Blockchain

Wikipedia Founder Takes Knowledge Sharing To The Blockchain
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Larry Page, one of the founders of online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has launched a new project by the name of Everipedia. Everipedia is almost like a blockchain development of the much loved Wikipedia and aims to bring knowledge sharing to the blockchain, through token incentivisation for content creators. The idea is simple, by creating an incentive system for writers and content creators, Everipedia will be a more reliable and more resourceful alternative to Wikipedia. One of the problems with Wikipedia is that often, many articles are hacked or changed, not just for a joke, but sometimes in the pursuit of spreading misinformation. Everipedia on the other hand should nurture a more honest environment, through a token incentive scheme that encourages writers to write legitimate content, if they do, they will get paid essentially. Moreover I would expect that some of the blockchain aspect of Everipedia will mean that content and stories can be more easily authenticated. Everipedia exists alongside its own native token, built on the EOS blockchain. The token is known a IQ. According to ICO examiner:
“Contributors to Everipedia are rewarded with IQ tokens for both contributing content and for curating – either editing or correcting – content that has already been submitted to the platform. ‘These tokens entitle the token holder to governance and voting rights within the network, essentially making every editor a stakeholder in the network’ its press release states. Over six million English-language articles have already been submitted to the blockchain-based online encyclopedia which, the Everipedia project team claim, means that its new platform has now already exceeded the equivalent number on Wikipedia.”
See more for yourself, here.   You can see more of Everipedia - the encyclopedia of everything, here.   This is a great example of how blockchain technology can improve transparency, but removing a venue for misinformation and by ensuring that its content is 100% unique and 100% legitimate. It’s amazing what a little financial incentive can achieve. It is still early days for Everipedia, though eventually it is expected to become the new leader for information sharing. Wikipedia now has a fierce rival, one created by one of its own founders. It’s a family feud on another level, all in the pursuit of cleaning up appearances.

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