EOS Now Available Via Bitpanda And For Cash Across Austria

EOS Now Available Via Bitpanda And For Cash Across Austria
According to reports out yesterday, EOS is the latest addition to the Bitpanda portfolio, meaning that EOS will be available within Bitpanda, and within a number of Post branches and branches of Posts’ partners across Austria. Bitpanda is often considered to be Europe’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, therefore this is a listing that will not only bolster the reputation of EOS, it should also help increase its trading volume too.Interestingly, at the start of this month, Bitpanda also announced the support of ERC-20 tokens. Coupled with the listing of EOS, this is putting Bitpanda in a great position in the race to become a world leader as a cryptocurrency exchange. According to Bitpanda:
“ERC20 support on Bitpanda means that we will be able to quickly integrate tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain. The range of tokens supporting this standard is very wide and includes some of the most interesting projects in the crypto space.”
“This is an important step for us, as our goal is to strengthen the industry by offering direct buy and sell options for as many different cryptocurrencies as possible, including tokens based on the ERC20 technical standard. As soon as ERC20 support is implemented, we will start adding Ethereum based tokens. The first batch of ERC20 tokens coming to Bitpanda will include 0x (ZRX), Augur (REP) and OmiseGo (OMG).”
See the full announcement for yourself, here.Bitpanda is having a great month, with this EOS announcement, it set to get even better. Investment Disclaimer
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